Liberals in Bizarro Land (in which CBC means “democracy”?!)

I honestly couldn’t decide which PTBC award to present to the Liberal MP from Laval—les Îles, The Nation Of Quebec, Raymonde Folco (she’s a woman), after hearing this bit of idiocy from her in her bizarre, shrill, nonsensical House of Commons performance during Question Period this morning, in which she demanded that the government “promise” to rush funding to her beloved state-owned socialism-reliant CBC.  (I first mentioned it in this blog entry, earlier today.)

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image“Mr. Speaker, Radio Canada and CBC are the showcase of Canadian content and an important pillar for news and one of the foundations of our democratic system.  It’s also the livelihood of thousands of artists, live artisans, journalists and technicians across the country, so what concrete action will the minister take to ensure that Radio Canada/CBC continue to offer high-quality content to Canadians?”

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So I’m leaving it up to readers.

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