Bob Rae/CBC bitch-slapped by none other than Toronto Star readers

The far-left Toronto Star wrote up an article today about Liberal Bob (“Bare-Ass Bob”) Rae’s comments regarding the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC (which he hilariously, but seriously, calls “the voice of all Canadians”, barf) and its recent demands surrounding its supposed lack of taxpayer cash (one point one BILLION taxpayer dollars per year not being enough anymore owing to the increasing cost of the “progressive” message, I presume). 

Bare-Ass Bob Rae ON THE CBC  The socialist Liberal leader wannabe Bare-Ass Bob (seen at right showing Canada his bare ass on…. CBC!… because that’s what a state-owned media is for, and that’s what politicians who want to be world leaders do!) complains that the Harper Conservatives are using the current economic crisis as an excuse to pare down or “gut” the CBC (which would be fabulous if only it were true). 

imageBut this Bare-Ass Bob comment almost matches one made by another Liberal in the House on Thursday, in which she said the CBC is “one of the foundations of our democratic system” (for which I presented a buffet of no less than FOUR of our possible PTBC Awards of non-merit).  This comment by Rae has the PTBC Unwittingly Comedic Award written all over it:

“They are taking advantage of the crisis to show their prejudice and their partisanship.”

Whoa baby!  Please stop.  The belly she aches with all the funny.  Their prejudice and their partisanship?  Oh my.  Again, just so we understand:  the Conservatives are showing their prejudice and their partisanship.  Not the CBC, which is fair and balanced, and not the Bare-Assed socialist one.  That’s just awesome. Good times. 

What’s also really funny is that even at the far-left Toronto Star web site, whose readers’ comments are usually in complete simpatico with everything socialist and far-left and liberal generally, and are in fact a large part of the CBC fan base, is in almost total anti-CBC mode.  You’d think you were reading comments at PTBC after one of my CBC blog entries. 

In case they get a sudden case of “Moderatoritis” after reading their own readers’ comments, here’s just a few of the many Toronto Star reader comments on the article but go see for yourself.

Voice of Canadians?
$1.1 Billion spent by the taxpayer so we can watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy?And the solution is more American programming? Give me a break.$1.1 Billion so CBC can compete with the advertising dollar that private broadcasters need because they don’t get $1.1 Billion and manage to survive.PBS manages to survive in the US with donations.The “voice of Canadians” doesn’t need CBC to be rammed down our throats at the tune of $1.1 Billion with barely an audience to watch it.The “voice of Canadians” needs CBC gone.This isn’t the 50’s any longer.
Submitted by Just A. Viewpoint at 11:05 Saturday, February 28 2009

Rae Days at the CBC
What a load!! The CBCs funding has increased under this government, it gets more than it deserves already, and should make hard decisions like everyone else is. Typical of Rae to play politics with this, but of course he fears for the mouthpiece of the NDP/Liberals.
Submitted by fundylady at 10:27 Saturday, February 28 2009

Let it go
CBC is all Left all the time. Sink or swim. 1.1 billion is a ton of money. See ya. All the CBC does is shill for the left and slam the CPC, Alberta. Much like this paper.
Submitted by tewchipper at 10:13 Saturday, February 28 2009

The C.B.C.
The C.B.C. was, perhaps, the voice of Canadians many decades ago however during those decades the C.B.C. has become increasingly irrelevant due to its blatant leftist-bias and that does not serve all Canadians. The C.B.C.‘s time is past.
Submitted by OckhamsRazor at 9:49 Saturday, February 28 2009

I avoid…
watching the CBC like the plague. There is absolutely nothing worth watching on it and if they are running programming it is usually U.S. based programs. In the world of 500 channels Canadians are showing their preferences by not watching CBC. If you look at CBC ratings they stink. Yet we the taxpayers are forced to subsidize this loser of a media outlet annually with $1 billion of our money. If CBC wants to be the public broadcaster then put it on pay for view and let those that think their programming is so great pay for the priviledge of watching it.
Submitted by hollinm at 11:09 Saturday, February 28 2009

Why is the government taking away the voice of all Canadians
Who? The uber-left will have to find another mouthpiece.
Submitted by R99 at 11:15 Saturday, February 28 2009

CBC’s voice is one-sided
CBC should not be propped up by tax-payer dollars any longer. They only represent one view. I want my news to be a factual representation of events – not a newscasters partisan opinion. If it’s going to continue to suck from the public teat, then get rid of the dead-weight at the top, make it more of a grassroots channel, run by people that have a genuine love and passion for broadcasting and television, giving it a more edgy and raw feel to it. As it has nothing to offer me, either in entertainment or political content, I rarely watch it anymore, so why should I have to pay for it.
Submitted by femaleCONvoter at 11:54 Saturday, February 28 2009

Since when is the CBC “the voice of all Canadians.” I think not. The CBC is the voice of leftist Liberals only and I, for one, have never been a member of that group.
Submitted by Marilyn at 11:59 Saturday, February 28 2009

So Uncanadian !
Many think that the cbc should not rely on taxpayer funds to keep afloat. Beware folks,this is a slippery slope.What next? Will the political parties have to raise their funds from their own supporters?
Submitted by wallyj at 1:15 PM Saturday, February 28 2009

Why does he still sound like Jack Laydown
Quote: “They are taking advantage of the crisis to show their prejudice and their partisanship,” Rae told reporters. Rae needs to understand that people are smarter than this. The Liberal advantage is the CBC and they speak loud and clear for the left. Partisanship and prejudice is something that the CBC practices with reckless indifference to all Canadians, instead serving only the interests of the left.
Submitted by alpoinacan at 1:18 PM Saturday, February 28 2009

Yet another good reason to close the CBC –
If the NDP support it it is bad and should go, if they are against something it is good for the average Canadian and should be done.
Submitted by WJM at 7:26 Saturday, February 28 2009

(Thanks to lowrider for the heads up on the TorStar reader comments on this article)

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