CBC tells part of the story, leaves out what they don’t want you to know.

Yay!  It’s fallen off a cliff!  Get this on air!

I couldn’t help notice the near glee with which the state-owned socialism-reliant CBC relayed the latest doom ‘n gloom capitalism is dead! message—this time from their newfound hero, the legendary business investor Warren Buffett.  They love quoting Buffett because they think us capitalists will buy up anything he says.  He’s legit to those capitalists!  Surely they’ll buy it if Buffett says it’s true!  It’s simply a handy bonus for them that Buffett’s also an outspoken supporter of Barack Hussein Obama (which the CBC also doesn’t bother to tell you either on air or in their online story), like so many other billionaires who think capitalism is fine for them now that they’re done with it, but now want socialism for everybody else. 

Yesterday, we were told all day long that the message—the one salient message—from Buffet (whom in any case they only quote when he’s lamenting on the terrible economy and losing billions of his cash, instead of making billions in the free-market capitalist economy) was regarding the notion of his that the U.S. economy “has fallen off a cliff”This proves it!  Capitalism is dead!

Online, they blared the line in their headline, then twice within the first two paragraphs of their story.  “It’s fallen off a cliff,” Buffett said. 

Fallen.  Off.  A.  Cliff.

Can’t stress it enough!

But while making allusions to it, they didn’t bother to inform us fully about what else he said, exactly, which included the fact that he’s against Obama’s “cap and trade” idea.  And more important things like this:  that the message has to be “very, very clear as to what government will be doing. …  but we’ve had muddled messages and the American public does not know. They feel they don’t know what’s going on, and their reaction then is to absolutely pull back,” he said. 

The fact that Buffett was actually saying that a big part of the huge problem in America and the world today is the very muddled message that the great communicator, Barrack Obama and his administration is sending out, and how that is causing people to pull back, is a very important part of his message.  But of course that part of the story knocks their man Obama.  And so they mostly left it out. 

Other people do report it.  An analysis by (of all sources) a Reuters journalist named Steve Holland, says today in his article headlined “Vaunted Obama message machine is off-key”, “When billionaire investor Warren Buffett says President Barack Obama’s economic message is muddled and undermining public confidence, it’s worth listening.” 

Well that’s what I thought.  It’s worth it for Canadians to hear the failings of their man Obama, especially when the consequences of those failures are so monumental.  But not to the CBC, who simply plugs your ears for you. 

Steve Holland goes on: 

Halfway through his first 100 days in office, ace communicator Obama has struggled to find the right tone in talking about the economy, twinning bleak warnings with optimism about the future.

He goes on to report on what some other experts are saying: 

University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato said the administration has left the public confused about what will happen to the banks and may be inadvertently sending a message that “the problem may be too big for government to solve.”

“I can’t figure out what they’re talking about on the banks,” he said.

Tony Fratto, a former Treasury and White House spokesman for former President George W. Bush, said a muddled message was not the only problem.

“It’s not just a message problem. It’s partially a fact problem, and that is the market is not getting clear information on what Treasury’s intentions are for the rest of this program,” he said.

In fact there are a thousand voices who are all saying that same thing, and far worse.  But you’d never know it watching or reading the CBC. 

So as a professional news media and not merely a lousy agenda-driving political advocacy and opinion blog, why not tell the whole story?  Why just part of it?

Maybe they aren’t in fact merely a professional news media. 

If all you watched was the CBC (and that is all some people watch—all of them liberals and socialists), you wouldn’t be getting the whole story.  And that’s, I guess, why the CBC keeps spending such a large chunk of their taxpayer-funds on advertising and trying to pull people away from the other, private-citizen-owned and run news and opinion outlets. 

And if that very clear message doesn’t undermine public confidence and actually freak you out to the extent that you “pull back” your support for the CBC, then nothing will. 

Rush Limbaugh picked up on that Reuters piece as well and read bits of it out loud on his radio show today. 

“I don’t think the worm is really turning, but when the Reuters guys start writing about Obama’s vaunted message machine being muddled because Warren Buffett basically says, ‘Hey, you’re doing things wrong here,’ it’s worthy of comment.”

Rush members can listen here.  Non-members can read a transcript.


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