Columnist Greg Weston says anti-CBC Conservatives believe in “media conspiracy” and “dinosaur tales”

imageLet’s play every conservative’s favorite media-watcher game show,
What in Tarnation Is He Talking About?!

“…the CBC has to make the hard choices and implement the dramatic efficiencies … The alternative is to lend credence to the Conservative right-wingers who believe in the eastern media conspiracy and other dinosaur tales, and who would happily pull the plug on the CBC today.”

Greg Weston, columnist for Sun Media, oh and very frequent guest on CBC television where he gets to bolster his career (he thinks) by offering his esteemed political opinions —for a fee— on the CBC’s “no spin” “Politics” program, and others.

Over at the eastern media’s National Post, where their star politics columnist Don Martin is another one of those frequent (and paid) political career-boosting CBC political guests —Martin writes almost the exact same thing today in his opinion column.  Huh.

Ahhhh that was fun!  Conservatives are so, so, so, stupid!
  ♫♫♫♫ Wa wa wa waaaaah. ♫♫♫♫


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