NatPo editorialist makes credible claim that CBC puppets Communist Party line

… and some NatPo readers tend to agree. 

In this followup to his own 2007 editorial, Winnipeg lawyer and CBC observer David Matas wrote up a good analysis, yesterday in the NatPo,  of the CBC’s possible motivations.  He sounds a little like me, and probably to many Canadians, joins me (and perhaps Galt) in the leftist construct of CBC deniers and other such nutbars land.  In other words, he poses realistic, intellectually honest questions and statements and the state-owned, socialism-reliant, left-wing CBC.

David Matas: The CBC’s Chinese Communist sensibilities

When it comes to covering Falun Gong, both the English and French branches of CBC have adopted a view of the world disturbingly similar to that of the Communist Party of China.


Radio Canada preyed on the ignorance of the Canadian public to propagate the Communist Party line, blaming the victims for protesting their victimization, adding to the propaganda by describing the Falun Gong as “little known and bothersome,” “whose presence creates malaise.”

Why are CBC and Radio Canada behaving as a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party? Is it the identification of one bureaucracy with another? Is it nostalgia for the socialist values that the Communist Party used to embody?

Whatever the explanation, the distortions the public broadcaster brings to China and the Falun Gong are regrettable. When it comes to reporting on China and the Falun Gong, it is time CBC/Radio Canada started to reflect Canadian values instead of Chinese Communist Party values.

Some reader comments follow suit.  (Where were all these people when I needed comments to my thousands of CBC-related blog entries?)

•  by cormac
Mar 18 2009
12:42 AM

I am not surprised at all at CBC/SRC behaviour. It only shows there far-left agenda and their leaning toward communism. I don’t think the Chinese government had to twist arms that much to get their message through as the CBC/SRC are already sympathetic to their cause in large numbers. I was working in China in 1999-2000 and what I saw on Chinese public TV at that time when they were covering Falun Gong was very similar to what our public TV here did. This is rather disturbing I should say considering that we are supposed to be in a free society as our politicians always boast about but are we, really? Sometimes, I wonder and especially when I set my eyes on the CHRC here or the CRTC and how they work very hard to encroach on our civil liberties. We are already living in a socialist society in Canada. The only difference is that ours is a soft one but a socialist society nonetheless all wrapped up in the same characteristic fascism for the good cause and the CBC/SRC is nothing more than one of government propaganda tools just like China. CBC/SRC should be ditched altogether to save us from their far-left agenda as well as to save us a billion bucks a year. 

•  by dgrifith
Mar 18 2009
11:05 AM

Since when was the CBC displaying socialist, even communist leanings, anything new? Its got to go.

Previous, November 2007 article by Matas on the CBC disgrace


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