CBC uses far-left DAILY KOS blogger and Obama lover to “critique” Barack Obama for Canadians

imageThis is how arrogantly left-wing and ideologically imbalanced and literally insulting to Canadians the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC is:  The CBC constantly deploys Obama suck-ups and people who I see as virtual Obama cult followers — but whom the CBC don’t even remotely identify as such — to “objectively” “critique” Barack Obama. 

This is the media, which (pre-Obama) constantly puff that they have an ever so sacred duty to “hold the government’s feet to the fire on behalf of the citizens”.  So why does the CBC use Obama apologists to do that?  And not tell us? 

As I’ve mentioned about 600 times here, which has no doubt caused me to lose 90% of my blog audience, Jeffrey Feldman is a far-leftist and blogger at the disgraceful, worse-than-CBC, far-left and clearly, rabidly, proudly anti-conservative smear site, the Daily Kos, among other left-wing agitprops like his left-wing book (sales rank at Amazon: number 677,126). 

But the CBC doesn’t want you to know that.  They always introduce him as a nothing more than a “political author”.  This is pure, and dangerous, political deception from Canada’s state-owned news media.  They are BS-ing you, on purpose.  And you are paying for this.  (Plus their executives’ bonuses).

Today it’s over the CBC’s mind-steering, leading banner, “OBAMA PERFORMS” —as if to inform our thinking on the matter even while hearing the Obama boosterism.

CBC News Anchor Andrew Nichols: Jeffrey Feldman is with us now to assess Obama’s performance, he’s a political author in New York… how do you think the President did on Leno last last?

Jeffrey Feldman: He did a great job!!…

CBC News Anchor Andrew Nichols:  Uh you know uh ooh uh woo were you surprised at his — let’s talk about his overall performance you say he showed that he was fairly relaxed—I mean I don’t know HOW a president given these economic times given the challenges he has could ever relax, but uh ya know that he showed a lotta humor!!!  Were you surprised at all at his demeanor at how he at how he uh performed?!!!

Jeffrey Feldman:  I was ASTOUNDED watching him!!!—I mean it is AMAZING given all that is potentially COLLAPSING around uh our economy right now—not just our economy, foreign policy,  health care—EVERYTHING!!!—that he could walk onto that sound set with SUCH POISE and being SO relaxed!!!  But this is really I think part of the broader strategy of the Obama administration which is to leave Washington … and focus people’s attention on that POSITIVE MESSAGE about the future, about investing in the country, so as far as having a set of political skills to pull that off I don’t think there’s EVER been ANYONE in American political history who has it like him but watching him it was astounding!!!

I detect a thrill going up a leg.

This is the same guy who is part of what is the CBC’s team of regular U.S. political “analysts”; the other member being Huffington Post (a proudly far-left anti-conservative blog and “news” site) editor and leftist political activist and Obama campaigner Rachel Sklar (whom like Feldman, the CBC identifies only as “a blogger” or with a similarly non-affiliated, purposely deceptive moniker).  They used this same team 8,000 times to constantly berate and browbeat—sorry “objectively critique and analyze” President Bush during his presidency.  And true to form, they relentlessly bashed and mocked Bush each and every time, much to the breathless glee of the CBC anchors.  Now they are used in order to praise their man Barack Obama.

Why doesn’t the CBC employ a hard-core Obama critic, now, just to semi-balance things out for the next eight years?  (And not describe them as even remotely “right-wing”.) 

Why repeatedly continue to employ a hard-core Obama suck-up and author for the Daily Kos—a far-left smear site —in order to hold governments accountable to the people? 

The CBC needs to be held accountable for this propaganda.  To account for themselves for this additional example the political/psychological conditioning and engineering they are trying to inflict on Canadians. 

The CBC as a news organization—as a broadcaster in general — is an utter farce.  They—and all Canadians—should be utterly ashamed.

State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.


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