CBC to cut 800 jobs. Nobody will notice.

CBC announced the cuts today. 

Just 9,200 more cuts to go. 

UPDATE (11:24 AM PDT):

”…we will be monitoring the decisions of the Board [of the CBC].”
—Prime Minister of Canada in Parliament, one minute ago. 

I always call the CBC “state-owned”, but refrain from “state-run” as much as I can stomach refraining from it, because I’m constantly browbeaten by Canada’s leftists and CBC apologists for calling it “state-run” (it’s “arm’s length”, donchaknow!). 

No more.  It’s official now (as if it wasn’t before). 

And that was a Conservative Prime Minister talking. Can you just imagine if the you’ve got to be kidding party were in charge? 


That statement from Prime Minister Harper reminds me of the legal papers the state-owned, state-run CBC’s lawyers once served me with, in which they indicated that they will be “monitoring” my web site. 

(Hi CBC!)

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