“Earth Day” Newsquips

image1.  Unlike the state-owned CBC, which is of course all over this left-wing-induced “Earth Day” political correctness idiocy, and which even has their own special “Earth Day” icon (at left) for their tendentious “how to think” banners (which of course they deploy in such imagethings as their breathless coverage tracking their man Barack Obama and his every “Earth Day” move, as he travels around on Air Force One complete with its fleet of support aircraft and accompanying motor pool), 81% are like me, and aren’t obeying the Orwellian political mantra, and aren’t doing anything to mark the left’s “Earth Day” celebration, or don’t even know what “Earth Day” is.

CTV poll today
Are you doing anything to mark Earth Day?
Yes 19%
No 66%
What’s Earth Day? 15%
This is not a scientific poll

imageNot seen yet, but waiting for it:  Layton and his you’ve got to be kidding party socialist minions will be out in full force today, smiling for the cameras, because the most important thing for him and them is the feel-good symbolism —being seen to be doing something, possibly joining Liberal Frenchman Dion in a symbol of Earthy greeny unity and left-winged “progressive” yumminess.   

2. To help celebrate the “Earth Day”, Liberal-Leftist led Ontario brought in a tough new law today to ban all pesticides that folks like you and me use at our own homes “for cosmetic purposes”.  We are so, so bad!  Bad citizens!  The gov’ment says so!  Don’t worry:  abortions for cosmetic purposes are still perfectly acceptable to the Liberals and all liberals, and in fact are still paid for by taxpayer money in state-owned, state-run “healthcare” facilities like public hospitals.  Up to today, “Earth Day”, 30,480 babies will have been aborted this calendar year.  Slightly more than the number of precious weeds killed by pesticides.

3.  Email from the East:

From: George M
To: “ProudToBeCanadian.ca”
Subject: Nova Scotia Earth Day poll…
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 12:08:02 -0300

More to worry about in Nova Scotia than earth day™ it seems….

Nova Scotia Chronicle-Herald.ca poll:
Will you do anything to mark Earth Day?
Total Votes Received: 1283
Yes 411 32 %
No 872 68 %



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