The real spin finally stops

The CBC spin will (finally) really stop here (in June).  (Only to be restarted again under a different spinner.) 

Apparently even after ripping off The O’Reilly Factor’s slogan, Canada’s state-owned media spinner, the CBC’s Don Newman, host of “Politics”, couldn’t beat Bill O’Reilly’s Factor ratings.  So he’s taking the early retirement package.

One of the CBC’s most eminent journalists, Don Newman, who currently hosts the daily Newsworld program Politics, has “opted for the voluntary retirement incentive.”

“[O]pted for the voluntary retirement incentive,” you say.  Could possibly be read as: “bonus”, I think.  Whatever.  That’s what I’m calling it, because that’s what it’s called, I say.  Spin out of that, CBC.

And can we call this NewmanGate?  I think “that’s what it’s called” too. 


Newman will either be appointed to the Senate by Ignatieff or whomever leads the Liberals, or, being a CBC reporter, appointed to be leader of all the land, the Governor-General. 

Or he will take a job at Al-Jazeera and join his other former CBC colleagues.

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