CBC admits it’s “full of bull”

Are they trying to make it easy for me?

Very expressive

It was their banner this morning for a stock market-related (that’s capitalist!) and business story (also capitalist!).  It’s so cute when the socialism-reliant outfit whose motto seems to be capitalism is dead! does stories on stock markets and business, particularly rising markets, which they seem to hate.  It’s automatically going to be “full of bull”.  As they said.  So it’s really redundant. 

Personally, I think it should be the CBC’s official motto.  Now that Don Newman is taking his bonus and quitting, and “the spin stops here” will hopefully retire with it, “FULL OF BULL” would be just perfect. 

Suggested new CBC motto, as actually seen this morning under CBC business reporter, who is possibly addressing liberals with a pucker.


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