CBC chooses life; calls that pre-born human life thing in the womb… a “baby”

image Watch for an official apology from the CBC to all liberals and leftists who are pro-abortion.  Liberals are going to be in high dudgeon over the CBC verbiage today, implying that life begins in the womb. 

While covering the story of a Canadian medical first—the heart operation that doctors performed on a baby inside the womb — yes, a baby— they referred to it not as “a clump of cells”, or as a “disease that could possibly need to be aborted”, or as “pre-choice doo-doo”, but rather as “a baby”. 

No, they didn’t even add “so-called” to “baby”, the way they add “so-called” to “war on terror”.

Throughout the story, they kept referring to it as “a baby”. 

This, even though liberals and leftists generally support our lack of any law whatsoever on their abortions:  abortions at any time — even up to nine months of pregnancy and minutes before normal delivery — in any pregnancy for any reason or no reason whatsoever, as many times as a mother (of a baby!) wants, all at taxpayer expense, in public “health facilities” and hospitals, and (in this one instance only) in private abortion “clinics”.  100,000 times per year in Canada.  278 just today. 

Ironically, their next story included this banner:


It was about the improved economic picture resulting from the rising employment of other also living people.


Anchor Nancy Wilson also referred to the baby as a “patient”.  Once again that’s a “patient”.

Also referred to the child as “the child”

Possible job opening at CBC.  Apply within. 



CTV.ca chimes in with their article:  Baby receives Canada’s first in utero heart surgery”

CTV.ca News Staff

In a Canadian first, doctors at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children have successfully performed heart surgery on a baby still in the womb. .,..

USA Today chooses to link to my article.



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