America is still yin to Canadian yang. Sometimes.

In the U.S., Republicans are (rightly) getting set to use President Obama’s big-government takeover of GM as election campaign cannon fodder, and they see it as an obvious way to help get Republicans elected in the 2010 midterm elections.  And you can already see and hear President Obama and the Obamatons bending over backward and reading gigantic teleprompters messages designed to ensure that Americans believe that the government won’t keep its 70% stake in GM. 

Washington TimesRepublicans see GM takeover as election weapon.

In Canada, Liberals and the you’ve got to be kidding party use their (sadly) phony, never-ending baloney story about the Conservatives’ (sadly) non-existent, non-threat, to “sell” or otherwise “end” the state-owned, state-run socialism-reliant media, the CBC, as cannon fodder to help get more socialists elected and defeat the Conservatives.  And Prime Minister Harper and the Conservatives constantly bend over backward to assure Canadians that under their watch, like the Leftists who would assume power in their absence, their big government will never relinquish ownership and control of Canada’s state-owned, state-run left-wing media behemoth, and that they stand firmly behind the concept of the state owning and funding and running the CBC (and with it the inherent concept of the the state competing against its own citizens with their own tax dollars, bully pulpit, power, and resources). 

“…we’re going to continue our strong investment into the CBC. We believe in a Canadian broadcaster and that’s why we’re spending more money than ever before and we will continue to work with the CBC … we’re looking forward to being strong partners with the CBC.” 

— James Moore, Conservative Heritage Minister

…but they’ll get rid of their shares in GM, they say. 


National Post:  CBC, VIA Rail considered for auction block

It’s merely designed to help the liberal-left keep their left-wing electoral dreams alive.  Note that they didn’t include the James Moore quote that I did, above.  The National Post should have to declare their story as a political contribution to the Liberal Party and the you’ve got to be kidding party. And then quit the newspaper business.


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