CBC re U.S. banks: “Maybe they’ll get it right this time”. (Irony, arrogance, right over CBC heads)

A state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC anchor thinks maybe those U.S. banks might “get it right this time”.  You know, with the capitalism and stuff.  Unlike the CBC, I presume. 

Louise Martin, CBC’s business reporter:  …And some of America’s largest financial institutions have been given the go-ahead to pay back their big loans from Uncle Sam.  And that could mean a return of multi-million-dollar salaries! … The banks had been eager to get out of the program because once out, government-imposed restrictions can be lifted!  Including the cap on executive pay, currently set at a maximum of $400,000 U.S. a year!  One could only imagine Andrew being stuck only making 400 grand but experts do say that allowing those ten banks to return that money…

image At this point in the oh so professional dialogue between the socialism-reliant, failed CBC’s news anchor Andrew Nichols and their oxymoronic business segment (emphasis on moronic, since the CBC is socialism-reliant) reporter Louise Martin, the CBC turns to a split screen of Nichols and the business reporter Martin, as we watch Nichols arrogantly mug for the camera and he judges the news makers—the bankers—by way of an enormous, over dramatized, hearty guffaw at their expense (see screen capture);  as the socialism-reliant CBC’s business reporter continues to read the derogatory script about the bankers getting their bonuses back. 

The CBC has maintained the verbiage “so-called” before every utterance of “war on terror” throughout Bush’s Presidency, citing their inherent need to be “objective” and being “non-judgmental” and to “take-no-sides” (not even ours) in their hard-news reportage.  But you see, for the liberal-leftists at the CBC, “objectivity” and being all “non-judgmental” and that crap about “taking no sides” about current affairs is at best fleeting, and based more on ideology than science and “journalism”.  In this case, it’s perfectly acceptable to judge and label and laugh and editorialize.  (Employing the words “so-called” is arguably as opinionated and judgmental and nonobjective in every bit the same way, but that’s another tangent.) 

What they miss is the horrible irony.  And the stupefying arrogance contained within their guffaws. 

The taxpayer-funded CBC is in far last place in the ratings, and few Canadians watch it.  It is an utter failure by most every measure.  It totally relies on government funding, utterly incapable of making it on its own.  Its news broadcasts are a journalistic study in something like the opposite of “fair and balanced”, as hideously biased toward the liberal-left as they are anti-conservative and anti-capitalist — they literally rely on socialism.  The CBC does nothing well, save possibly the marginal ability to follow a hockey puck around an ice rink better than a robotic camera or a trained monkey could (but certainly not better than the citizen-owned CTV or Global could, against whom the government’s failure, the CBC, competes, badly, and fails). 

Nichols has never been seen guffawing at the CBC, as far as I know. 

And yet here’s the arrogant, opinionated, taxpayer-paid business genius (and hard news anchor), Andrews Nichols, laughing it up with the CBC’s business segment reporter, over U.S. banks and their partially government and media-induced problems (which I and many people more learned than I maintain were at least partially caused by liberal-leftists and their governments, incessantly meddling in the private enterprise, free-market system, as if they, like the CBC’s Andrew Nichols, know better).

But Nichols isn’t done yet, as he has yet to launch his latest dripping, know-it-all, sarcasm on the topic — which in some circles is also known as being journalistically totally unprofessional and nonobjective by gratuitously and dramatically editorializing, and offering what I might credibly call pure bunkum in place of actual “hard news”. 

Louise Martin rolls eyes at Nichols' joke about banks 'getting it right this time'

Louise Martin, CBC’s business segment reporter:  Still Andrew many are cautioning that the crisis in the banking sector and the financial sector [Andrew Nichols heard in background with sarcastic “yyyeahhhhh”] isn’t over yet.

Andrew Nichols, CBC news anchor:  [sarcastically] Great news that they’ll be able to make millions and millions of dollars again!  Maybe they’ll get it right this time!  What do you think?! 

Louise Martin, CBC’s business segment reporter:  Well maybe they will!  Well at least they’re starting to pay back the loans!  That’s gotta say something, right!  [as she rolls her eyes, as seen in screen capture]

Andrew Nichols, CBC news anchor:  True enough.  True enough.  Alright Louise thanks very much!

Maybe the CBC might start paying back the countless dozens of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars that have idiotically kept that failing organization afloat for all these years, even as they continue to fail utterly. (Eye roll, guffaw, guffaw, guffaw)

State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution. 


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