CBC joins CTV and other media in “right-wing” lie; calls BNP “right wing” (and JUST “right wing”)

See my blog entry from yesterday about this

Here’s today’s lie du jour.


SHORTISH VERSION:  The leftist media like the state-owned CBC and liberalvision CTV call any unsavory political party or political party that carries ugly baggage, such as extreme left-wing parties and fascist and racist and Nazi-like and other historically left-wing ideological parties that it doesn’t like, “right wing”.  It is of course exactly LEFT WING, as, for example, the fascist Adolph Hitler was left wing, not right.  The media promulgate this lie in order to shield the Left from negative stereotyping of course, and many people buy it.

Normally they go with “extreme” right-wing in their effort to confuse the public, and in an oh so friendly nod to regular conservatives like me, who we all know are known as plain “right-wing” (just as they on the left are known as being plain old “left-wing”). 

But like the CTV yesterday, the CBC has taken to simply referring to these race-based, socialist, left-wing extremists as simply “right-wing”, as we can see in the CBC screen banner above.  This way, Canadian are taught by the lying media that right wingers are racists, fascists, and worse, and vary only in the degree to which we on the right are racist and fascist.  Apparently it really doesn’t matter to them how exactly you take it, as long as you absorb the lie. 

“The BNP will use all non-destructive means to reduce income inequality.” 

—line from the BNP manifesto.
(Sounds really “right wing!”)

A reader, Warren, sent me this excellent video:

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