More on CBC, CTV “right-wing” lie re fascists and racists: reader sends video lesson for journalists

Reader Warren Z. sent me this video to help educate journalists, or failing that, to at least help bolster my case against the CTV and CBC and actually, almost all the media and academia, who all purposely or ignorantly mislead people about fascists and racists, whom they falsely describe as being “right-wing” even though they’re patently left-wing. 

imageFor example those in the U.K.‘s recently elected (to the European Parliament) BNP, which the CBC and CTV have been labeling this week as variously “extreme right-wing”, “far-right”, “racists”,  “fascists”,  then even devolving down to simply “right wing” (as both CTV and CBC—see screen capture—have done), knowingly lumping even regular conservatives like me and you into the “fascist”, “racist”, “right-wing” camp.

It’s a total lie.  I think they must know it.  (The alternatives to outright deception are just as unappealing, however.)

For background on this latest tangent of mine…

•  Start here:
(UPDATED: STORY CHANGED!) CTV thinks “right-wing” means “racist” or “fascist”; possibly like “Hitler”

•  Then read this from today:
CBC joins CTV and other media in “right-wing” lie; calls BNP “right wing” (and JUST “right wing”)


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