CBC again knocks Conservatives for un-funding band called Holy F***; yet doesn’t use the word

The taxpayer owned and funded CBC is sponsoring an event at which the “rock” (as in “rock bottom”, but “still digging”, methinks) band called Holy F*** (it doesn’t use asterisks) appears, along with other government sponsors whose logos are plastered at the bottom of the advertising posters in which the name of the band appears—beside a cute bunny appealing to little kids.  The band name appears on the poster in its full glory, which is to say that “glory” is apparently what the CBC and its commenting kids all agree the band is about.  It’s anti-Christian, and uses the F-word too!  Yay! 

But in the CBC’s story about the inherently expletive-containing poster advertising the event, the CBC takes the opportunity to knock the Harper Conservatives for “cutting funding to arts” (which is itself, arguably, an outright lie), and claim the Conservatives used this Holy F*** band as an example of a reason why.  And yet the CBC doesn’t use the word itself in its story.

And again, we find that the CBC goes ahead and sponsors it all.  Sponsors it in place of those other taxpayers, “the Harper government”, which wisely thinks it’s an unwise use of our taxpayer cash for taxpayers to sponsor trash.  So this unit of government—the CBC—which knows better, skirts around their leaders and sponsors it, as if “the Harper government” and “the CBC” are entirely different entities, paid for by entirely different people. 

Nice trickery by the CBC division of the government. 

Band’s profane name prompts festival poster reprint

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | 11:51 AM ET
By Falice Chin, CBC News

Organizers of Calgary’s Sled Island Festival are reprinting their promotional posters after allowing an obscenity to slip through the first time.

“I looked at the poster and thought, ‘Oh gee,’” said festival director Zakary Pashak, referring to the words Holy F—-.

Holy F—- is an electronic band from Toronto, and one of the 250-plus bands scheduled to perform at Sled Island next month. The band made headlines last summer when the Harper government used its name to justify cuts to arts funding.

Bright, pink posters including the name of the band have been plastered all over the inner city.

Ali Clark, manager at Kane’s Harley Diner in Inglewood, said no one asked for permission to put up a poster in her restaurant.

“One of the kids pointed out to me there are swear words on a poster,” she said. “That’s appalling to find in a family restaurant.”

Clark said she was at first distracted by the cute illustration that accompanied the profanity.

“It has a bunny on it,” she said while crumbling up the poster. “Imagine your eight-year-old going over to read it.”

Focus should be on music, not the word
  [NOTE:  That sub-headline suddenly, gratuitously appears in their story (see graphic below), as if to highlight the CBC’s own attitude, and to instruct us as as to how to think properly!  —Joel]

Dozens of sponsors, including the CBC, are involved with Sled Island this year. The bigger sponsors had their names and logos printed on the bottom of the poster. Those include the Calgary Sun, the Calgary Arts Foundation and the City of Calgary. …


But the CBC didn’t use “the word” in their whole story.  And nobody used “the word” in their ever so intelligent comment posts at the CBC.ca hate site!  They all used “the f-word” or “F___” or “F***” instead. 

Well that’s just “f-ing” weird!  Why the “F” didn’t they just fling the “F-word” around at the CBC web site if it’s so “F-ing” cool and “artsy” to use it?! 

image  One CBC fanster naturally took the opportunity to castigate and attempt to marginalize all Conservatives or perhaps all small-c conservatives in Canada, on the taxpayer-funded web site which brings Canadians together in their forum of love and togetherness and unity.  And at which comments are screened by taxpayer-paid moderators who approve comments before allowing them to appear. 

quadraphonic wrote:
Posted 2009/06/17 at 12:45 PM ET

“Conservative” is far more obscene than the f-word these days!

The rest of the leftist CBC fansters blasted anyone with ethics or morals or who didn’t dig exposing their children to F-ing all day long.  They make out like it’s actually a good thing to expose children to all the F-ing, and that the people who are against this are the nutbars. 

But there were actually two sane comments amongst the hater and freak comments at the CBC fan central:

dawgday17 wrote:
Posted 2009/06/17 at 2:00 PM ET

I’ve heard the word, I’ve used the word. I don’t stand in the line at the supermarket saying f this and f that, like many many people do. Its impolite and downright rude. When you do it by the way, you look and sound like an uneducated fool, not that you likely care what others think in the first place.

If there is truly nothing wrong with it then you should go into your next job interview and try it out. I bet you don’t get the job. Or maybe go and ask your grandmother how the F she’s doin. (you probably do that anyway though, it had to come from somewhere)

Just my opinion though…

Akbar32 wrote:
Posted 2009/06/17 at 12:50 PM ET

BernieTO and katie_k – The reasons any word is profane or vulgar is due to societal standards. Its the same system that decides “One of the best bands Canada has right now”. All humans live in societies and whining because it doesn’t support your personal views is silly. Societal norms are, of course, entirely arbitrary just like whether art is “good” or not. There is no scientific way to quantify these things. I’m surprised that someone interested in the arts doesn’t recognize that.

image  Both those comments got lots of “thumbs down”. 

Meanwhile, the CBC promotes the heck out of the band, including its full name, on both the taxpayer-funded web site (complete with their music and links), and on another division, its radio division called “CBC Radio 3”.




(I replaced the word f**k and sh*t used in the reader’s lovely email with asterisks.  I’m such a square.)

From: Greer, Todd
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 12:49 PM
To: proudtobecanadian.ca
Subject: Re : the band Holy F**k

Anti-christian music ???  They are an instrumental band, the songs have no lyrics – so how exactly are they anti-christian?

And the name is a commonly used phrase when people are shocked by something.

Why don’t you get all the facts before writing this sh*t

Hi Todd!

I took out the part where I labeled them “anti-Christian” about three minutes after I posted it, on my own, because I MAY be mistaken about that, but I’m probably not.  Of course “HOLY F**K” is definitely a pro-Christian term, full of Christian values that all Christians would love.  You’re absolutely right.  Imagine my embarrassment in jumping to that asinine conclusion and (possibly but probably not) getting that wrong, with a band called “HOLY F**K”.  (…But you do know what “holy” means, don’t you?)

And thanks for your information concerning the use of the term “holy f**k”.  I did not know about that.  I was born yesterday.  As I now understand it thanks to your help, the band is constantly shocked by something, which is why they’re named “HOLY F**K”.  So it’s cool. 

Aside from that, what are your thoughts about the actual, whole point of my blog entry?  And have you emailed any questions to the CBC? 



From: g___
Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2009 7:13 PM
To: ProudToBeCanadian.ca
Subject: The Holy F*** band….

Hello Joel;

Am I the only one who noticed that their label is known as “Dependent Music”?

Gee, I wonder who they are dependent on ….. the Canadian taxpayers, perhaps?

And if they were in a country that didn’t financially support the national “arts”, would they even exist at all?

Gord _______, 
Kitchener, ON.

Hi Gord,

Excellent catch!  They did get a $3,000 government grant to tour the U.K., which was, I guess, to help represent our Canadian interests abroad —to represent us all and show off our Canadian culture and the best of what we have to offer as a nation — to the world. 




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