It’s not “Iran” day you jerks!

It’s Friday and some people in Canada are calling it “Friday” and think the real news of the day is in Iran, and they’re right.  But calling it instead “Don Newman Day on Parliament Hill”, the state-owned CBC’s Nancy Wilson and CBC Newsworld cut away from covering the hard news this morning in order to go to the harder news action in the House of Commons, where of course the socialists are spending their time doing what’s important to them:  honoring the state-owned media’s retiring Don Newman from his reporting and anchoring of the politics news for their CBC division. 

The you’ve got to be kidding party’s Jack Layton was naturally the first in what the CBC obviously thought was going to be a long, one-after-the-other line of tributes to Don Newman, to stand up in the house to proclaim, ”…I don’t think anyone will be able to say ‘the spin stops here!’ the way Don Newman does.  Thank you Don!”

But actually, “Jack” (since we’re using first names now in the House), if you’d ever watched Fox News Channel, you may have found that your “Don” never did match the way Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly has said it every day on the O’Reilly Factor, the most-watched program on cable news (in America, where neither Fox News Channel nor CBC is required by government mandates to be provided to Canadians the way that CBC is in Canada, much like state-owned media in Iran, ironically). 

Anyway, while the CBC remained fixed on the action in the House, and the banner “HONOURING DON NEWMAN” remained fixed on the screen, the Honorable Member from Calgary East rose to speak:  “Mr. Speaker the situation in Iran remains very alarming…”

…Upon which the CBC cut away from that stupid boring Iran stuff — you know, the nuclear security of the entire world possibly on the brink, millions of people fighting for freedom and democracy, and historic change happening before our very eyes being discussed in the House.  That ain’t about Don Newman—and here it’s “Don Newman Day on the Hill”!  It’s not “news” day or “Iran” day!  (And by the way, it’s not “so-called” Don Newman day either, you jerks in the House who are all about the Iran and junk!)

Layton honors “Don” by spinning a yarn; then a Calgary MP talks Iran….
image image
and so they cut away because he wasn’t honoring “Don”!  Just Iran!

Eventually, Ignatieff and a Conservative stood up and said something about him too.  Ignatieff called Newman “fair and balanced”.  Another ironic joke?  It is to Fox News Channel viewers. 

Now, perhaps, the spin will ACTUALLY stop.  (Not holding my breath though)

Nancy Wilson, interviewing Don Newman himself (please rise), said to Newman, who, please remember, doesn’t spin:
“You are the Fred Astaire of live coverage … and you make me feel like Ginger Rogers!” 

Actual words. 

Spin yer partner!

Sort of uncomfortably, when Nancy Wilson’s anchor shift ended and anchor Andrew Nichols took over, he said the same thing to Newman in his interview:  He told Newman that he was like Fred Astaire, and that made him feel like Ginger Rogers. 

I kid.

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