IKEA ditches Russia; in similar fashion, companies should also ditch CBC

image  The socialism-reliant, state-run CBC and its government officials are in no way “corrupt” insofar as the way they conduct their day-to-day business, as far as I know.  I do not liken the CBC and its Canadian government owners to Russian or Iranian or North Korean companies or their governments, except insofar as the fact that the CBC is 100% owned by the government, and its officials appointed by the state, in exactly the same way as companies (including media companies) are 100% state-owned in those other countries;  and possibly also the fact that CBC channels are foisted on the citizens by the Canadian government and their regulations in somewhat the same way state media is in the former Soviet Union and currently is in Iran and North Korea.  And the political messaging is similar in some ways.  Other than that I see almost no similarity.  Well I see some others, but that’s not what I’m on about today. 

Here in this latest perky little diatribe, I only want to draw attention to the way in which principled decisions made by citizen-owned corporations (in this case, IKEA) might be effective as tools for citizens to affect change, to fight back, to protect freedoms, and to increase profits—in spite of the governments and their left-wing fascist predilections.  It could work here in comparatively sublime Canada and who knows — maybe even avoid just the problems IKEA is facing in Russia today, down the road. 

Play along with me as if following an “easy-to-follow” instruction sheet for the IKEA model “Linkäbottöm” (a plain wooden chair). 

imageIt is this same sort of effort which is behind my PUSH BACK drive for citizens — consumers and corporations — in Canada (or wherever in the world) to stop overtly and blithely supporting a turn to socialism (and ultimately the demise of their own freedoms and progress and in the case of business, also their profits) by supporting (through their paid advertising) the socialism-reliant CBC and other socialist, socialism-reliant, left-wing biased, arguably socialism-promoting, state-owned and state-run farces, and particularly state-owned media like the CBC. 

The CBC.  Our own little evil empire-builders in the making.  See?

MOSCOW • Ikea is suspending further investment in Russia, apparently because of pervasive corruption and demands for bribes.

The announcement came after a rare statement by Ikea’s 83-year-old founder in a radio interview that Inter IKEA Systems BV had decided not to solve problems by slipping money under the table.


Beyond embarrassing [Russia’s President] Mr. Medvedev’s administration, the Swedish retailer’s public stance could mark an economic turning point if it leads to more Western businesses speaking out against corruption here.

The decision is particularly damning for Russia because Ikea runs outlets in dozens of countries around the world and is hardly thin-skinned when it comes to dealing with bureaucracies.

Ikea’s Russia director cited the “unpredictability of administrative processes” in Russia as the basis for the decision. Outside experts said that was the company’s way of describing a pattern of bribetaking and shakedowns by Russian officials that had become intolerable.

Ikea’s announcement came after a series of public complaints…

And far from limiting their national exits to Russia alone, all freedom-loving companies should also ensure they don’t support the likes of Iranian state companies, or supply the tyrannical governments of Iran and North Korea and others. 

Its amazing how quickly things can change for the worse when you do what the Swedes call diddlysquat.  So we should work now to shun companies which choose to support governments and their state-owned operations which fight against the very things we stand for.  To do otherwise is literally insane.

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