John Kerry, Democrat, makes crude, bizarre, Sarah Palin joke; Dems laugh

imageOn the Sarah Palin derangement syndrome front today:  While speaking to a crowd of Democrats (who else would listen to this now doubly proven jerk), former Democratic Party presidential nominee John Kerry, in a reference to adulterer/Governor of S. Carolina, Mark Sanford, rips this one off, while also demonstrating some more of that famous liberal compassion and tolerance and non-judgmental courtesy: 

“Too bad if a governor had to go missing it couldn’t have been the governor of Alaska. You know, Sarah Palin.’‘

This was on Tuesday, before anybody knew the whereabouts of the Governor.  And his crowd of sheeple respond by laughing uproariously. 

Stay classy, Kerry.  And sheeple.  Sell that liberalism.  Sell it baby.  (And for the record, I hope John Kerry NEVER disappears, ever). 

HELPING SELL LIBERAL (and further left)-ISM:
Meanwhile, in other news in the world of jerks, the state-owned, state-run CBC reports on Governor Mark Sanford this way:  by turning to the ultimate experts in American political analysis and morals, their team of two far-leftist junior nobodies:  One Jeffrey Feldman from the extreme left-wing, anti-conservative Daily Kos, and for balance, Rachel Sklar from the far-left Huffington Post.  Neither of them are identified by the CBC as far-left-wing political activists who have devoted their lives to bashing conservatives and Republicans. 

I do hope the CBC disappears.

Taxpayer-paid CBC anchor Suhana Meharchand demonstrated her sublime objectivity by giggling and smirking through the interview, eclipsing even her own stupidity by concluding the spot by actually blowing kisses to her far-left (but ever so objective!) guests, as her way of mocking the story. 

All of that over the fair and balanced and objective and unassuming and take-no-sides banner “CHEATING REPUBLICANS”

CBC News anchor Suhana Meharchand blows kiss to far-left “experts” on “CHEATING REPUBLICANS” following another of the world’s most ridiculous, unbalanced, political analysis interviews.

Still, as we know, President Bill Clinton wasn’t a lying, cheating Democrat; New York Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer was not a prostitute-using and wife-cheating Democrat;  New Jersey Democratic Governor James McGreevey wasn’t a cheater who cheated on his wife with a male lover;  that other Democrat presidential contender John Edwards is still not a Democratic cheater as far as we know;  and all the other Democrats who have recently cheated on their wives are not “CHEATING DEMOCRATS”.  In actual fact, there are no “cheating Democrats” if all you watch is the far-left, ridiculous, worse than and more dangerous than useless, CBC. 

And yet that nation-representing embarrassment, the state-owned CBC, only comes in third place for the most disgraceful slur of Republicans or of Sarah Palin just today alone.  That picture will disappear very soon, and the media will pretend that it never happened.  So I have it stored on my hard drive. 


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