CBC once again deploys anti-conservatives for “expert political analysis” of hated conservative

CBC deploys three left-wing political partisans to explain politics to CanadiansAs fully expected, the far left-wing state-owned CBC employed their state-paid news anchor Suhana Meharchand to laugh and guffaw her way through another conservative bash-fest (in this case, Sarah Palin), using their usual team of totally objective and balanced political “experts”.  This, the state-owned taxpayer-funded CBC does in order to explain politics to Canadians. 

Representing the far left, a blogger from the extreme far-left hate site, the Daily Kos (but a guy the CBC only ever describes as “a political author”, rather than as “a far-left anti-conservative political activist and Obama supporter who writes for the anti-conservative hate-site Daily Kos), Jeffrey Feldman.  And for that famous CBC “balance”, representing the slightly less extreme far left, from the left-wing anti-conservative Huffington Post, Rachel Sklar (whom the CBC only identifies as the owner of a new web site, which they are sure to not only mention but for which they provide, on-screen, the URL address, no doubt without charge). 

Neither of the expert political guests are identified as being far-left or even just left-wing anti-conservative political activists who come to the table with utter disdain for anything or any idea or anybody conservative.  This is par for the CBC. 

The three amigos (in their last date that I blogged about, the CBC’s Meharchand actually blew the two experts a kiss at the end of that conservative-bash-fest, over the banner “CHEATING REPUBLICANS”) laughed and ridiculed and guffawed through their ingenious political analysis of Sarah Palin for about 5 minutes. 

Please note that Sarah Palin is apparently bizarre and rambling and has no hope for anything on the basis that she is so, so stupid, whereas Michael Jackson was quite normal and a genius.  (And Obama, well.  Obama is like so awesome, duh).

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