Maybe Mevedev should watch CBC to get excited

This picture fronting Drudge Reports’ page right now reminds me of TMZ’s ability to capture the less than glamorous snaps of self-important celebrities as shot by their less-than sycophantic photogs. 

Medvedev seems to be thinking,
“Yeah yeah, blah blah blah, shake the hand…
when is this teleprompter-obsessed yapper leaving?…”


Medvedev doesn’t appear nearly as excited as the CBC news anchors.  So far this morning, the CBC has excitedly, repeatedly tried to convince us, over and over, despite the reality of the situation and despite even the words of their own expert in Russia, that this is a “new era”, and is clearly indicative of “real progress” (coincidentally, Obama’s exact words), and as “signed, sealed, and delivered”, and as “kind, encouraging words … after years of tensions…”, in their sycophantic, Obama-loving Hollywood celebrity-like coverage of the Russia/US summit today. 

Little more than routine nuclear arms reduction agreements were signed, so far, and nothing about the real issues: NATO, and the Americans’ much-needed missile defence shield.  Even the Obama-loving Associated Press said only that: “Medvedev called Monday’s agreement a ‘reasonable compromise’.” ;  But no matter.  It’s just mind blowing “real progress” for the CBC.  It’s CBC-Obama dreamland. 

imageThe CBC’s initial coverage as anchored by the CBC’s Nancy Wilson began like this. (Note their Obama-like inability to say much of anything with injecting “George Bush” into their elixir): 

CBC anchor Nancy Wilson: “The President of Russia and the United States spent a couple of hours behind closed doors in Moscow today, and when those doors opened, they reported great progress!!  And a grand total of eight agreements!!  … [then more clips of Obama reading the teleprompter…] … So!  Lots of kind words and reports of progress in Moscow!  And expressions of hope for better things to come in the future!  That’s a different tone from the tensions of the George Bush years!…

Their later coverage by anchor Suhana Meharchand began with these words (note the “George Bush” reference again):

CBC’s Suhana Meharchand:  “Russia and the U.S. have had a lot to disagree about in the past few years — the George Bush years —but Barack Obama is in Moscow today trying to clear things up, and making some headway it seems!  Eight new agreements were announced! …”

Later, speaking on the phone to their expert freelance reporter located in Russia, Jessica Golloher, Meharchand asks (tells?) their expert: 

Suhana Meharchand:   “…If you just look at the pictures, I mean it seems like there’s a new era in relations happening —do you think that’s the case?

And hilariously, the reporter basically says, “no”. 

Reporter Jessica Golloher:  “I think it’s way too early to tell …  they’re making sort of overtures …  it may be smoke and mirrors …  who knows?  …  it’s gonna take years — years— to see any sort of like a big difference…”

That’s “real progress” right there, folks.  A “new era”. 

But reality doesn’t stop the CBC from repeating the “real progress” and “new era” lines over and over again, peppered with their digs at George Bush — almost like if you repeat a lie often enough, the idiot masses will believe it.


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