Canada leads the world through recession; CBC reports on Harper being late for asinine group photo

The liberals’ news media divisions in full “Gotcha” petulance mode again today

Even while constantly accusing (or toeing the Liberal and NDP talking-point lines about) Prime Minister Harper being “petulant”; and describing in their very most elitist, derogatory terms, all those childish politicians for playing “gotcha” politics, the state-owned media, the CBC once again engages in both, this morning. 

CBC reports on the urgent matter of what they dub “THE MISSING PM” (even while showing a picture of the PM smack dab in the middle of the photo)
image image front page newsWhile the liberals’ CBC and CTV and the National Post divisions and all of the other Canadian media divisions fret over the important matter concerning whether or not Prime Minister Harper got to the the idiotic G8 group photo session one minute and 40 seconds later than Barack Obama did, and just before the Egyptian President did; and whether he swallowed the wafer given him by a Catholic Priest at a funeral (Harper’s not Catholic, so not even receiving it would be just fine, as if the anti-Christian liberal media really knows diddly squat — or moreover cares — about Catholic/Christian protocol), the International Monetary Fund is saying that Canada leads the world economically in terms of recovery from the global recession. 

Therefore, the CBC isn’t reporting this today, even though they should be all over this since they’re constantly all about comparing Canada and its recovery to how well other countries—especially their Obama’s United States—are doing. 

Harper questions need for more stimulus

OTTAWA • Canada’s economy is set to outperform nearly all industrialized countries this year and next, the International Monetary Fund said yesterday, leading analysts to declare the country does not need additional stimuli as advocated by some world leaders at this week’s Group of Eight summit.[***]

The latest IMF outlook suggests the world economy is “beginning to pull out” of the deepest recession since the Second World War. The global economy will shrink 1.4% this year, it said, but growth of 2.5% is now expected in 2010, an improvement of just over a half-percentage point from its previous forecast in April.

As for Canada, the IMF said the economy would contract the least among industrialized nations this year, with a drop of 2.3%, compared to the 3.8% shortfall expected among all advanced economies. In 2010, the Canadian economy is set to post growth of 1.6%, or second-best among advanced nations after Japan’s expected 1.7% gain. In contrast, the U.S. economy is seen recording meagre growth of 0.8%, or half the Canadian output. …

(***Also see my related NewsQuip #2 from yesterday)

Meanwhile, unlike the CBC, CTV news, which is also all over the emergency story of the PM being late for the G8 group photo caper, at least has the courtesy to inform people of the facts of the matter, like Obama was late too, and the Egyptian President was even later than Harper and actually missed the photo completely.  No calls from crack journalists at the CTV, however, for a U.N. war crimes tribunal, shockingly. 

…Harper was then seen rushing to the shoot with his entourage, arriving about two minutes after U.S. President Barack Obama had jogged in late to the same shoot.

When the prime minister arrived, he got cheers from the dignitaries who had been waiting for him for about a minute and 40 seconds.

In the end, Harper was able to make the shoot, unlike Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who pulled up on a golf cart after the photo op was over.

You really shouldn’t watch or read anything the CBC puts out, because I think in the end, you become woefully misinformed and uninformed.  It actually makes you dumber, the more you watch. 


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