CBC: to eliminate deficit, put it on a credit card? (And what’s wrong with that, liberals ask)

It's a CBC laugh riot“You know the U.S. government could use that [credit] card — I mean it could pay off the deficit!”

A viable joke for a business reporter to make on the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC?  I don’t think so.  Funny?  Sorry.  No. 

He does understand basic economic concepts doesn’t he?  No, I’m not at all sure he does, no, not at all.  Not if he works for a socialism-reliant state-owned news outfit.  Sorry again.  So so sorry.  And I’m absolutely sure most of the CBC’s audience doesn’t, or they’d demand the elimination of the CBC itself. 

On the funny news story (and “funny” ends at the news story itself) on the CBC’s oxymoronic (emphasis on moronic) “YOUR BUSINESS” segment about the Visa credit card company billing some poor American schmuck twenty three quadrillion dollars for a restaurant lunch, their reporter Robert Lack suggested, jokingly, that to get rid of the American trillion-dollar deficit, they could put it on that credit card, since it has such a high credit limit. 

Insert laughter.

And so their liberal and further leftist audience laughs.  And nod in agreement (see still capture above left).  See, that’s the problem. 

Because that’s true.  That’s how liberals think — because (A) they don’t have the foggiest clue what a “deficit” is (constantly confusing it with debt, at the very best);  (B) they certainly don’t comprehend the cause and cure; and (C) they actually think it’s possible to “pay off a deficit” with a credit card, because, they reason, it eliminates the deficit.  After all, it’s how their hero President Barack Obama thinks, so why shouldn’t they?

Oh don’t worry, liberals and CBC fanboys, I’m fully “chilled” and I am comfortably “lighten[ed] up” and have already “tak[en] a pill”, and oh I know he was just “kidding” and being “light-hearted” and making a “joke”, you know like “OMG”, I do know I’m an “f***ing neo-con”, etc.;  but it’s actually an acute problem because non-conservative Canadians do in fact think this way.  That is, you and them don’t have a freaking clue.  And so, it’s no joke for the rest of us.

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