The state paying people 1/4 the price of a new car “will take the edge off” according to CBC anchor

Hey!  This doesn’t sound capitalist!  Huh!  That’s weird! 

It will merely “take the edge off”.  To really do any damn good, they would have to bump that state “stimulus” — of consumers buying cars — up to 3/4 —or even better, presumably.  Or just have the benevolent government “provide” them to people for “free”, sort of like our healthcare is “free”.  Now you’re thinkin’ like a socialist.  Or like the CBC, it seems.

imageIn order to get right down to the nitty gritty of the still (mercifully) contentious issue of the increasingly socialist state (Liberal Ontario in this case) taking our money away and then social engineering society by giving it to people so that they can buy politically correct cars (as determined by liberal-leftists and other expert politicians who will redirect society such that it is more correct according to their world view, and obviously better than we could make it on our own), the socialism-reliant CBC somehow managed to secure Howard Hutt of The Electric Vehicle Society, for his in-studio critical analysis of the state-sponsoring of electric cars caper.

I wonder how that interview will go.  Watch out for fireworks! 

CBC anchor Harry Forestell:  First and foremost, what’s your reaction to premier McGuinty’s announcement?

Howard Hut:  Well every bit helps is what I would suggest.

CBC anchor Harry Forestell:  Every bit helps.

Howard Hut:  Yes.

CBC anchor Harry Forestell:  Do you think $10,000 is going to be an incentive to people to get out…?

Howard Hut:  It’s impressive.  The selling price of that vehicle hasn’t been set—they suggest about $40,000 which is pretty high, so the 10,000 is a big jump

CBC anchor Harry Forestell:  Takes a bit of the edge off the purchase price anyway.

Every “bit” helps.  It “takes a bit of the edge off…anyway”. 

And here’s a random gratuitous picture of Karl Marx:


The socialism-reliant CBC engages in this farcical dance over the CBC banner “PLUGGING INTO THE MARKET”.  What a lark.  The state is once again meddling into the market, wrecking it, and falsely creating another phony government-reliant pseudo-market.  The aiding and abetting and sales pitch for the far-left by the far-left CBC division of the government is blithe;  they are so ignorant and are such sycophants to the socialist left, it literally leaves me almost speechless.

Clearly omniscient, dear leader predicts that the very stupid citizens aren’t going to be interested in electric cars, so in a preemptive move, before the electric cars are even on the road and there is any gauge as to demand by consumers, the liberal geniuses announce, in advance, it will pay a quarter of the shot with your tax dollars.  To boost sales.  Of a much anticipated category of car. 

Note that GM and Ford and Toyota and Honda all other car manufacturers have long ago decided on their own to create electric cars in order to satisfy their market as they saw fit, without government instruction or handouts or social-engineering.  No matter.  The government must intervene in the market.  Save us all. 

This is nanny-state socialism run amok.

Vote liberal.  Get more of this “progressive” action. 


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