CBC News labels group opposed to Obama’s “health care” plan as: “right wing” and “conservative”

  The intrepid investigative journalists and editors at the socialism-reliant and state-owned CBC are running a “news” report this morning about an American TV ad which uses the decrepit Canadian “health care” system as an example of something to avoid in the U.S., which is of course great advice.  As an acknowledged political advocacy blogger, I’ve posted that same ad here at least a couple of times.  Here it is again at left.  I’ve posted several others like it as well —one just yesterday.

A group of concerned citizens is running it in the U.S. to help spread the truth about the radically left-wing Obama and socialist Democrats’ 1,300-page, nearly two-trillion-dollar, so-called “health care” plans (which nobody has read), which Obama and the leftist wing of the Democrats are attempting to inexplicably rush through Congress, much like they did the failed ¾-trillion-dollar “stimulus” cash. 

They’re doing imagethis with enormous help from all manner of left-wing and far-left-wing political lobbyists and radical political activist groups like ACORN and MoveOn.org and many others, to say nothing of the liberal-left news media support.  It’s literally one of the biggest coordinated left-wing campaigns I’ve ever seen.  And of course it seems the CBC is right in the club. 

Many  moderate  Democrats are solidly opposed to the bill, as are  most  Americans.  But that doesn’t matter to the liberal media, which seems to see fit to cast anyone opposed to the plan as newsworthy in and of themselves.  As weirdos who are out of sync, and out of the mainstream.  As some sort of agitators or as some sort of strange Obama awesomeness deniers.  It’s News! 

But here’s how the CBC does it (or attempts to):  First, in their “news” report about the TV ad, the CBC seems to me to cast it, generally, as utterly amazing that any group could possibly hold Canada’s marvelous “health care” system out to the Americans as anything but fabulous and Utopian.  But then they also helpfully make it all make sense for their viewers:  they clearly politically identify the supposedly offending advertiser as “right-wing” and of course as a “lobby group” (an evil descriptor largely reserved for conservatives and proponents of freedom and capitalism —they never identify pro-abortion lobby groups as “lobby groups”, but rather like “pro-choice promoters”).  And they also mention that the group doing this is part of a “conservative campaign” cabal, which is attempting to derail the wondrous “Obama plan for public health care”

CBC Anchor Andrew Nichols: In the United States the conservative campaign against Barack Obama’s plan for public health care has a Canadian face.  It belongs to Shona Holmes of Hamilton, Ontario. 

[Then they play some of the ad.]

CBC Anchor Andrew Nichols: This ad is all over TV in the States and getting lots of hits on YouTube!  It was put together by a right-wing lobby group!  And it uses Canada’s system for a model of what doesn’t work!  Holmes is the campaign star with interviews on U.S. network TV! 

[They play more of the ad.] 

CBC Anchor Andrew Nichols: Holmes survived brain cancer after treatment at the Mayo clinic in the United States.  The treatment cost her $100,000 and she’s suing the Canadian government to recover the money!

[End of story.]

The CBC claims to never takes a position on anything (except that of course they actually do:  for example they still call the war on terror the “so-called war on terror” or better yet, “George Bush’s so-called war on terror”), which they say is because it just wouldn’t be right for an unbiased news organization such as them to do that.  No seriously.  But as you can see, they seem to be all over this one.  So in effect, they’re ANOTHER Canadian star of the U.S. “health care” debate, having now injected themselves into it.  They’re actually indignant about a U.S. group using a Canadian to take a stand against Obama and their far left brothers, as I see it.  So much so that it’s a so-called “news” item, to them.

image What happened to the CBC identifying their left-wing proponents and so-called “analysts” on issues?  Bah.  That’s taking a side! 

Here at PTBC I’ve documented 8,000 instances of the CBC trotting out left-wing and far-left wing guest “analysts”, but which they have never identified as such, ever.  A small but repeated example is their official team of U.S. politics “experts”, the Obama-supporting Rachel Sklar from the stridently left-wing and anti-conservative Huffington Post, and (for balance!) her cohort Jeffrey Feldman, who writes for the radically left-wing and anti-conservative hate site, the Daily Kos.  They identify Feldman only as a “political author”.  Never anything like “left-wing” or “socialist” or “radical, biased, anti-conservative”.  imageAnd Sklar?  She is only ever identified as a writer for the Huffington Post or as a blogger for a politics web site —she’s not “the left-wing, anti-conservative Rachel Sklar who works for Huffington Post and, together with Jeffrey Feldman, are far-left activists who actively supported and campaigned for Barack Obama and other left-wing candidates in the last election and are actively anti-conservative —for a living”. 

Moreover, tons of cash is being spent by both sides on the issue of Obama and the leftist Democrats’ socialist “health care” plan.  But how come no pro-Obama “health care” lobbyists are using Canada as an example of how good government-run health care is?  Isn’t that news-y?  It’s certainly interesting.

The CBC’s go-to site, the extreme left-wing Daily Kos, has deployed its hateful smear writers and are now attempting to character assassinate the Canadian messenger, Shona Holmes. one calling her a “pile of human refuse” and an outright liar, and basically claiming that she is faking the whole thing and is making the whole thing up.  And that it wasn’t a “cancerous” tumor, merely a non-cancerous one, so she’s therefore a liar. Well, and a “pile of human refuse” or course.

UPDATE 2 (Wednesday July 22):
CTV.ca is now on this “story”, but they are taking a slightly more balanced tone.  For example, the TV ad “is sponsored by Patients United Now, a citizens’ group that opposes government-run health care.”  No political label affixed. 

CTV is still stuck on stupid though.  They seem to rush to the defence of Canada’s “health care” system, as though it were a sad little puppy or something.  They rush to point out that Liberal MP and critic on the health file (failing to mention he’s a Marxist) Ujjal Dosanjh has been on the circuit defending Canada’s “health care” (He told Canada AM on Wednesday that while patients do have to wait for some procedures, urgent issues “are treated fairly quickly”!)  And they do what all liberal media does:  they wrongly and without reference allude to “50 million Americans” being without health insurance coverage, which is the left-wing talking points number, (it started at “40 million” a few months ago, then went to “43 million”, now I see it’s “50 million”), not unlike the “millions” of Iraqi citizens —“mostly children and old women”, being killed by “George Bush” and “Dick Cheney” and their “neo-con”  “war machine” during their “war crimes” in Iraq in that “illegal war”.

Toronto Star article, July 22 2009:

And they seem to have the time to literally defend Obama’s plan with pure rhetorical nonsense:  “The issue has exploded in the U.S. since President Barack Obama took office in January. Obama wants to overhaul the American health care system and expand coverage to the roughly 50 million Americans who do not have insurance.”  He doesn’t want to “expand coverage”, he wants the government to take over health care and transition it into a socialist model, wiping out the private enterprise competition, and forcing Americans to buy insurance from a government-owned and run insurance scheme. 

But at least they admit, as CBC doesn’t, that “The U.S. president is facing stiff opposition from both Democrats and Republicans…”.


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