Bashing Christians, conservatives, Americans: perfectly acceptable at; Gays? Can’t risk it.

image This is an exercise is figuring out just how right-on our sane PTBC readers can be, in juxtaposition to the state-owned, stuck on politically-correct, anti-conservative CBC.

From: Randy
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 3:18 PM
To: ‘Joel Johannesen’
Subject: “closed for commenting”

“Ex-jail worker says he was victim of anti-gay harassment”

(a CBC headline)

Hmm, I’m gonna take a guess as to why this article is closed to the public for comments. Could it be that someone may possibly make a comment which will hurt the feelings of homosexual readers? Do you think?

Of course it’s okay to bash The United States, George W Bush, Christianity, The Catholic Church, etc. but no no we don’t want to risk hurting the feelings of gay readers….



And the answer is…. Pretty right on.  How much more blatant can they get, over there at left-wing appeasing, political-correctness meme central? 

I’ve documented countless CBC commenter slurs and pure hate speech against Christians, and against anybody who even believes in God, and against Canadian soldiers who have died on the battle field (“This is what you deserve!”, wrote one CBC commenter on a story of a soldier’s death in Afghanistan, approved along with dozens of others like it by the CBC moderators, for the benefit of all Canadians and the of course the members of the surviving family of the dead heroic soldier who obviously read the story and comments about their son’s or brother’s death on their taxpayer funded state-owned news media);  and of course the vile, unhinged rage lobbed against anyone who doesn’t fully adore and embrace gay marriage and help actually promote the openly gay lifestyle, and against those who aren’t clearly far-left socialists and aren’t rabidly anti-conservative and anti-Bush and anti-American and anti-capitalist… 

That’s all perfectly acceptable hate speech to the CBC, which pre-screens comments and actually has moderators who accepted those comments as being perfectly fine for public consumption on the taxpayer-paid, state-owned “people’s” web site.  But comments on this story:  closed.

· Also see PTBC’s “CBC reader comments of hate” category

UPDATE:  I later posted this example of CBC fan hatred:  CBC commenter seems to compare Harper and Conservatives to Hitler/Nazis:  CBC moderator approves it.


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