CBC can’t balance their coverage? Like Fox News Channel? Even with Fox News Channel contributors?


In its ongoing effort to bring you every left-wing viewpoint about everything, the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC secured the analysis of a yet another one**, a guest named Marc Lamont Hill, who is an admitted socialist (for those of you who would never know since the CBC would never tell you). 

On par with the CBC’s purposeful habit of misinforming viewers, the CBC identifies him not as a socialist and a huge fan of Barack Obama and a campaign supporter, as he is, but rather as a professor of “African Studies, Columbia University”. 

I like Marc Lamont Hill.  I know his thinking very well.  You see, I enjoy all the debates he has with every single news analyst and show host on… Fox News Channel.  Everyone who watches FNC knows Dr. Mark Lamont Hill very well, as he is one of the many liberals and further-leftists that FNC constantly engage as guest analysts, for fair and balanced coverage on every issue, as a rule.

imageDespite CBC’s banner, Marc Lamont Hill isn’t best known in this world as a professor of “African Studies, Columbia University”, he’s best known as an official Fox News Channel contributor. He’s become famous because of FNC and his constant appearances there.  He’s on Fox News Channel virtually every day of the week, sometimes several times per day, and is asked about the left’s point of view on everything, all day long. 

But the CBC didn’t mention that. 

Nor does the CBC do anything even remotely like that.  The CBC ONLY has the likes of Dr. Marc Lamont Hill for their analysis, all day long. 

Ann_Coulter_and_Mark_Lamont_HillAnd that’s why those who only watch CBC are being misinformed, and don’t have all the information, and are therefore not fully informed and not exposed to all viewpoints, and Fox News viewers are. 

So CBC kind walked right into it, with this one.  And that’s just funny.

**This guest spot was secured in order for him to further enhance the “information” the CBC has already given us with regard to the what they are trying to convince you was the “controversial arrest” of a black guy by a white cop, in lieu of the ACTUAL story, which is that President Obama made a huge gaffe by making a completely unacceptable and stupid remark during his news conference the other night, when he made charges of “racial profiling” and charged that the cop acted “stupidly”.  I wrote about it and the CBC’s coverage at length, here.


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