CBC’s Suhana Meharchand to PMO spokesman on her pure politics question: “Yes or no, man?!”

Hey, “man”.    Watch the news much, “man”?

Dimitri Soudas, PMO spokesman (not a CPC spokesman), was the guest in this just finished grilling by CBC News anchor Suhana Meharchand, on the state-owned Crappies channel, CBC Newsworld.

After an attempt to get Soudas, (PMO spokeman and not CPC spokesman), to trip up and answer a purely political election campaign question regarding Conservative Party ads that might possibly be in the works now with election fever in the air, which the PMO spokesman, who isn’t a Conservative Party spokesman, didn’t answer to her liking (whereupon if he did, she’d quite possibly blast him for being overtly political when he actually works for the government, not the Conservative Party), she tried yet again: 

image“So you’re saying you don’t have ads in the works,” Meharchand sniffed. 

After asking, and Soudas tried once again to answer, she then seemed to make every effort she could to look as askance as possible at her target, through the yummy taxpayers’ cameras.  My screen capture at left couldn’t possibly capture the palpable contempt that she seemed to me to feel for her target.

Soudas, PMO spokesman (not a CPC spokesman), answered as any PMO spokesman would, and didn’t answer as a spokesman for the Conservative Party would. 

Then in an overly impatient huff, apparently unable to trip him up as she hoped she could, Meharchand virtually throws up her hands, as if for the first time in history, a person from the government of Canada didn’t directly respond to her questioning in a direct enough fashion for her or to her particular liking, and she theatrically retorts with this little tantrum:

“So that means no.  I dunno know why it’s so hard to get an answer to this question.  Are there ads in the works?!!  Yes or no, man!!!”

Soudas tried yet again to diplomatically pacify her baby-like tantum, and said, “I speak on behalf of the government of Canada.  In terms of advertising, that’s the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party and their machines that worry about that.”  Perfect.

The clearly frustrated Meharchand then, in the most derisive, dismissive way imaginable, blew him off and said:

“Alright Dimitri always interesting to talk to you I want to thank you anyway for the time.”

Anyway, I’m quite concerned about the CBC’s political-correctness policy to never, ever sexualize things.  Shouldn’t she have said, “Yes or no, personage!”?

Quite a show.  Worth every penny of the one BILLION taxpayer dollars we’re paying the Crappies channel this year.  Thanks anyway, (…jerks).

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