CBC excitedly reports: “CAUGHT ON TAPE!!!” …Then shows video of Harper saying he wants a majority

“GHOSTS OF ‘HIDDEN AGENDA’—PART I”  See it at the Toronto Film Festival!  (As if!)

imageOnly an anti-conservative news organization would find a Conservative Prime Minister (CAUGHT ON TAPE!) speaking to party faithful saying he wants a majority…. to be controversial. Or “interesting”.  Or even really interesting.

“Margo McDiarmid has the video which you won’t see anywhere else!” the CBC’s news anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson breathlessly reports, just now. 

Except “the video” in question is all over YouTube, one of the world’s most popular websites.  See it here:
and here

…rendering what she just said as total bunk, equaling only a Michael Moore “documentary”.

In fact see that CAUGHT ON TAPE! video here.  In the spirit of the liberal-left’s Toronto Film Festival liberal-left-fest, which starts today (and CBC can’t stop talking about it of course, because (a) it’s in Toronto; (b) it promulgates lots of liberal-left political/social propaganda; and (c) it involves “artists”), I made it really tiny.  That’s my artistic/political/left-wing-style expression of how little I care about it.  Furthermore, it’s my morose expression of foreboding and of political “art” in the age of Obama.  You will see that I have tried to make the PLAY button bigger than the actual video, as my way of expressing that the BS news story and CBC/Liberal Party joint effort at drumming up phony controversy by the liberal-left anti-Conservative news media is actually bigger than the story itself, which is tiny and utterly insignificant. Can you tell I’m bored?  Because that’s also what I’m trying to convey through my art.):

It kills me that in actual fact, it’s a good speech.  Harper warns against voting for the Liberal/socialist coalition, and giving the Conservatives a majority.  Which is a great idea for Canada.  Liberals —and only Liberals —would see this as some sort of nefarious CAUGHT ON TAPE! video worth showing to Canadians on the news, and casting it as nefarious in any which way.  Swish that around in your noggin for a bit.


“What’s interesting about this speech is that he’s speaking with a candor that you rarely hear from him!…” the reporter informs us (note that she informs us how to think). 

Then she tries to bolster the other “interesting” excitement: McDiarmid sheepishly explains that the oh-so-special secret video was released to CBC via some unknown student who released it to the Liberal Party who released it to the CBC.  I presume this happened in the dark of night!  Possibly in brown paper bags!

Actually, that bit is a tiny bit interesting.  Forget the left-wing coalition being simply the Liberal Party and the further left parties, it apparently includes the CBC as well. 

Anyway, further along in their two-hour epic news story, she tries to explain why this was done, which, if you have to do that, proves it obviously isn’t very good. 

“And the reason they did that was they say this tape shows that the prime minister actually doesn’t WANT to work with the other parties, and they say it justifies in their mind Michael Ignatieff saying he would no longer prop up the Conservative government.”

They (the liberals) think that’s a bad thing.  Not wanting to work with the Liberals and the other socialists is a bad thing.  That in itself makes this little news story effort a romance comedy with a socialist twist. 

But then Margo McDiarmid attempts to explain why it’s REALLY important (because that last effort proves it obviously didn’t hold any water whatsoever, in all honesty… 

“But what it really shows the rest of us is the kind of HEATED, INTENSE politics that certainly will follow any talk of a federal election this fall…”

…And that holds a whole ton of water, as a news story. 

The CBC has been CAUGHT ON TAPE! being complete idiots, and reaching incongruous, innocuous conclusions, even while helping the Liberal Party and its coalition of socialists try to spark up an false controversy.

Liberal Party boss Ignatieff just said that his party delivered the secretly taped video to the CBC (to the exclusion of all other channels).

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