CBC deems it perfectly appropriate to show videos of closed-to-media events, if it’s Conservative

“GHOSTS OF ‘HIDDEN AGENDA’—PART IV”  See it at the Toronto Film Festival!  (“If pigs can fly!” —to quote “that brainiac” Michael Ignatieff from today’s whiny news conference.)

Let’s watch for those surreptitious cell-phone recordings of the many closed-door Liberal or you’ve got to be kidding party speeches to party faithful (in which they speak of what the CBC calls “the M-word”—Majority!—when it’s a Conservative saying it) being broadcast on the national state-owned media, even though the Liberal or you’ve got to be kidding party event wasn’t open to media, mmmbut it doesn’t matter because “it was taped anyway”, and the CBC has the tape — directly from the Conservative Party — and so well by golly we’re going to show it on the media to the country “anyway”, now, in the hope that it damages the left and encourages people to vote Conservative! 

CBC reporter Margo McDiarmid: ”…The Prime Minister was in Sault Ste. Marie last week talking to some party supporters, and somebody there taped his speech.  It wasn’t opened to the media but they taped the speech anyway.  Um and in his address to party supporters, he uses that word ‘majority’!…”.


From: David N___
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 12:12 PM
To: proudtobecanadian.ca

Well slap me silly.  You mean the CPC is the only party that actually would prefer a majority.  Well tarnations I guess I’ve always thought the wrong way.  I presume all those Liberal majorities during the dark 90’s was a horrible and undemocratic thing as well.  Errrr, oh, I forgot, it was a Liberal Majority so it was ok.

What a bunch of rubes at the CBC and their moronic followers.

If there ever was a party that prayed for a minority situation I’d stop supporting them immediately.



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