NICE TRY: CBC anchor doesn’t allude to fact that more Canadians go bankrupt than Americans

“GHOSTS OF ‘HIDDEN AGENDA’—PART V”  See it at the Toronto Film Festival! (Like you’ll see me at the Toronto Film Festival!)

imageCBC reviews the EXACT Obama talking points one more time before they review it again and then again:
In my movie, the CBC anchor (and expert in bankruptcy statistics) Suhana Meharchand would add the fact that in Canada, per capita, there are actually MORE bankruptcies, despite what I would have her decribe, in my talking points, as our glorious socialist North Korean-style “health care” (—insert visible wink!) system.  For that matter, I might add calling it a “so-called” health care system, the way the CBC calls the war on terror the “so-called” war on terror.  Just for “continuity” and of course for “artistic” purposes. 

CBC News anchor Suhana Meharchand to viewers:  “Barack Obama says … he wants to be the last administration that has to struggle with making sure Americans do not have to go BANKRUPT [huge emphasis on that word] when they fall ill.”

At above left:  I screen-captured the EXACT MOMENT she said the word “BANKRUPT” extremely loudly and firmly.  It’s a film festival souvenir!

If you’re tired of Michael Moore-style documentaries and need a break from the CBC, read my blog entry “US medical bankruptcies a myth; personal bankruptcy rate higher in Canada”.

It’s artistic!

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