CBC presents left-wing peacenik to answer gratuitous question re Afghanistan: “IS MISSION WORTH IT?”

“GHOSTS OF ‘HIDDEN AGENDA’—PART VI”  See it at the Toronto Film Festival! (Slotted right after “Capitalism Is A Good Thing” and before “Freedom Isn’t Free”)

After so many of our countrymen have died for our country and are at this very moment engaged in a war in Afghanistan, the take-no-particular-side CBC gratuitously re-asks whether the mission is even worth it.  They do this knowing it yet again re-casts doubt in the hearts and minds of Canadians —including those who are in Afghanistan fighting and trying to maintain their courage and spirit in an extremely tough situation.  They obviously don’t care about them. 


That’s fantastic. The CBC is worth every penny.  And by the way it’s not even worth ever asking THAT question (IS THE CBC WORTH IT?).  The science is settled on that one.  The debate:  over.  Vote liberal.  Peace.  Now back to our agenda.

Of course they rerun this insufferable flick using the left-wing peacenik Steven Staples, whom they constantly use on this question because they already know very well that his answer always has been and always will be “no”.  But when they roll the credits on Steven Staples, in true Michael Moore documentary style, they also once again refuse to come clean with you the Canadian taxpayer who is paying for this documentary, that Steven Staples is a left-wing peacenik who, according to he himself, got the inspiration for his peacenik web site from MoveOn.org, the extreme far-left web site and extreme left-wing “community organizer” group. 

True to the now idyllic-to-the-CBC Michael Moore documentary style, they introduce him only as “Steven Staples”, of the organization The Rideau Institute. 

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Personally, I’m on Canada’s side.

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