CBC’s 9/11 article: CBC’s reader comments—full of idiocy and “truthers”. EXACTLY as I predicted.

I knew the first thing I was going to do today was to pay tribute to all the innocent lost lives when America and the West was attacked by savage Islamofascist terrorists on September 11 2001, in which they declared war on America and the West, and forced our hand.  And to the first responders; and to the soldiers who have died and have been injured or maimed and are fighting for us still, and to those who will fight even knowing the grave danger that lies ahead.

Having done that, I worked my way over to the web site of hate, the state-owned CBC.  It’s important to point this thing out, because it’s so entirely disgraceful, which I mean in the full context of that word. It’s not just the bias and agenda-ridden “reporting” and articles and left-wing fringe columnists.  With its phalanx of idiot reader/commenters —whom have been bred and nurtured and led by the CBC over their years by seemingly purposefully normalizing their far-left fringe world view — I long ago concluded that it is one of the most hateful, intolerant, divisive web sites in all of North America.  The CBC didn’t let me down today, which I mean in the ironic sense. 

I got EXACTLY what I expected. 

Many of the comments are not unlike the “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE” comments (actual comments) approved by the CBC moderators following the death of a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan.  But there are countless dozens of truthers who alternately blame George Bush, “neocons” (they have utterly no clue what “neocons” are), Republicans, conservatives, Stephen Harper or the likes of him (?), and most everybody except the terrorists, for 9/11.  All approved by the CBC “moderators”, who are clearly not “moderate” at all but radical nutbars who serve only to advance their bizarre left-wing, progressive liberal world view on Canadians, at taxpayer expense.

But in my list of reading this morning I luckily included Charles Krauthammer’s usual brilliance, and while it’s only half about 9/11 (the other half is about Van Jones and how his 9/11 truther idiocy is germane to the solemnity of today), it includes this thought:

Spoiler alert:  This snippet includes the concluding paragraph of Charles Krauthammer’s latest column.  As always, read the whole thing  —and do that every time Krauthammer writes anything for that matter.

Charles Krauthammer

…In the White House no more. Why? He’s gone for one reason and one reason only. You can’t sign a petition demanding not one but four investigations of the charge that the Bush administration deliberately allowed 9/11—i.e., collaborated in the worst massacre ever perpetrated on American soil—and be permitted in polite society, let alone have a high-level job in the White House.

Unlike the other stuff (see above), this is no trivial matter. It’s beyond radicalism, beyond partisanship. It takes us into the realm of political psychosis, a malignant paranoia that, unlike the Marxist posturing, is not amusing. It’s dangerous. In America, movements and parties are required to police their extremes. Bill Buckley did that with Birchers. Liberals need to do that with “truthers.”
You can no more have a truther in the White House than you can have a Holocaust denier—a person who creates a hallucinatory alternative reality in the service of a fathomless malice.


But on the eighth anniversary of 9/11—a day when there were no truthers among us, just Americans struck dumb by the savagery of what had been perpetrated on their innocent fellow citizens—a decent respect for the memory of that day requires that truthers, who derangedly desecrate it, be asked politely to leave. By everyone.

But the state-owned CBC doesn’t want truthers to leave.  They provide them with a grand taxpayer-paid platform today, of all days.  The CBC doesn’t care about anything but helping the many nutbars among their readers to promote their hateful, divisive, derisive, intolerant, and often clearly insane ideas and agendas.

The comments which they’ve welcomed at their article at CBC.ca are absolutely chock-a-block full of the expressed thoughts and ideas of radical idiots uniformly clinging to the “truthers” cult.  And CBC approved them all.  There’s hundreds of them. Each as stupid as the other.  A few temperate folks have tried to change the subject back to what it should be, to no avail.  The CBC just keep letting them in.  Practically ruining the day, the moment, the memory, with their idiot politics.  The CBC has bred these people, provided them with a platform —every day, not just today but especially today and they now — today — welcome their hurtful, idiotic, divisive comments, on the state-owned web site.

It’s a disgrace.

UPDATE (10:16 AM PT):
It seems the CBC has now entirely removed all the comments on their 9/11 article from their web site, as though they never really happened.  Luckily, as usual, I’ve learned to save at least one of the pages just in case this happened, and so I have examples of some of the detestable comments.

UPDATE 2 (11:41 AM PT):
It seems I may have been overly optimistic about the ugly CBC removing their despicable reader comments from that article.  It seems there are now no reader comments anywhere at the site, clearly owing to some sort of general technical glitch, rather than an editorial decision based on humanity and common decency and sobriety, as I’d hoped. 

Comments are back on again at CBC.  In their full hateful, despicable ignominy.

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