UPDATED: Prediction: no CBC counter view to leftists’ charges this morning

UPDATED:  See below

Right now I’m watching the second (at least —there may have been more but I’ve been working, unlike them) gratuitous presentation on the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC news media, in which the Harper Conservative government is being criticized by leftists.  Just because. 

image  image
Above left: Ignatieff whines that Conservatives are favoring Conservative ridings —pretty rich from a Liberal whose Liberal governments have done and continue to do that all day long, and they have done that for decades, and nobody in the media, including the CBC, cared.  On the right, the leftist prisoner-rights group John Howard Society and its groovy long-haired lawyer slam the Conservatives for getting tough on crime and building prisons for rapists and murderers.  Instead of tattoo parlors for them.

When the Conservative government announces anything or is featured in the news on any story, the CBC reflexively secures a leftist —or more likely, a whole series or panel of leftists —to bash everything the Conservative just said.

So let’s see if they do that now that leftists have said lefty things.  Let’s see if they trot out a series or panel of conservative folks to counter what the leftists just said and what the CBC ensured was reported live across the nation.

Prediction:  No. 

Will the media on the scene ask tough questions?

Prediction:  No. 

After gratuitously showing us the well-rehearsed and staged and gratuitous Liberal Ignatieff whine-fest, they went to commercial instead of introducing a conservative counter argument or defence from any conservatives.  How odd.

imageUPDATE 2:
Nothing.  They are apparently only going to show you long drawn-out and gratuitous criticisms of the Conservative government from leftists.  So all is normal. 

Oh and they are also taking an inordinate amount of official state news time touting the “accomplishments” of liberals, like this one in which they can’t stop telling you that their man President Obama is chairing the Security Council meeting at the U.N. (have you ever heard them tell you the name of the person chairing the meeting before?)  Here’s a fun fact:  Libya is a Security Council member.  That’s actually far more important thing to tell you, but they didn’t.  Latest “accomplishment”:  Obama, further weakening America, proudly signing onto yet another symbolic load of crap —another nuclear weapons agreement in which Obama promises to weaken America by unloading its nuclear arsenal at the request of Moamar Qadhafi.  Obama’s weakening of and apologizing for America is an “accomplishment” for liberals.  They will tell you that no counter argument to this U.N. idiocy is even needed, because they think this is all a self-justified “good”.  A self-evident “truth”.  A universal high-five.  No rebuttal required.  Liberals generally think that when they say things, everybody in the room agrees with them.

imageUPDATE 3:
Rather than offering up a counter argument or defence from conservatives, the CBC appears to be advancing the Liberals’ latest PR blitz; carrying the Liberal Party water for them.  Building on the Liberal Party’s totally political talking points from this morning, the CBC is simply re-reporting their story, making it bigger than it is, but now with a CBC reporter re-explaining the “facts” behind the Ignatieff claims and she seems to actually be trying to help advance the veracity, if any, of the Liberal Party’s claims.  The reporter Margot McDiarmid admitted that very nearby in the same town, a Conservative Minister, John Baird, is in fact countering the arguments leveled this morning, in a public news conference.  Yet the CBC isn’t there reporting it live, as they did the Ignatieff whine this morning.  So that’s an odd way of reporting news.  I mean they were right there.  Weird.

So of course in order to prevent myself from getting dumber, which is what happens when you watch the CBC, I’m switching to Fox News Channel to get the whole story behind all the actual news today.

A reader email suggests I review the CBC tape from while I was gone getting actual news at Fox News Channel. 

Later in the afternoon, the CBC actually interviewed the Conservative government’s Minister of Public Safety, Peter Van Loan.  The CBC anchor Nil Köksal proceeds to take a adversarial approach to the discussion, debating him more than simply allowing him to speak unimpeded, ad nauseum, as they most certainly allowed the left-wing prisoner apologists just earlier, during the free propaganda platform they provided to the left-wingers on the publicly-funded airwaves of CBC. 

Köksal badgered him about his reforms being “U.S. style”, again referring to talking points obviously supplied to her from left-wing blogs or the left-wingers’ report that they broadcast earlier.  Van Loan took exception to her analogy of it being “U.S.-style”, and answered that what they’re proposing has nothing to do with it being a “U.S.-style” system (it should be noted that liberals commonly see “U.S.-style” anything as inherently evil, though less so under Obama than Bush…).  He says he doesn’t know where this reference or idea that it’s a “U.S.-style system” came from.  (Gee, I wonder:  the left-wing advocacy group leader said it, lefty bloggers blogged it, the CBC repeats as Gospel.  Hope that helps.)

After Köksal sets it up loosely quoting some un-named Americans who say Canada shouldn’t copy their system because it’s so nasty, the Minister Van Loan says this:

“Well that’s not the system we’re proposing at all.  We aren’t proposing an American-style system, and I don’t know where that suggestion comes from…”

Then, after the Van Loan interview, in which Van Loan said it’s not about “U.S.-style prisons” at all, as the left-wingers and the CBC falsely and tendentiously and ideologically misinformed you that it was, the CBC later presented this banner in a tease about their upcoming top stories:


And so the CBC’s “fair and balanced” and “objective”  and “take-no sides” news geniuses have decided to cling to their preferred version:  the left-wing advocacy groups’ talking points;  utterly rejecting what the Minister of Public Safety just got through contending and claiming as the actual facts.  They are once again driving an agenda being advanced by left-wingers and their political advocates.  They are therefore misinforming you.  On your dime.

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