Today in Liberals’ Daily Whine: Liberals Whine about Something Else; CBC all over it.

While the Prime Minister is away doing grownup things with actual world leaders, the Liberal leader is up in his tree fort yelling and screaming like a baby.  Therefore, the CBC and its intrepid journalists are up there in the tree, all over the story, covering in breathless detail what Ignatieff has to say.  They’re all wearing pantywaists. Yes, pantywaist is the word of the day.

Here’s just some of the various ways in which the CBC is toeing to the line today, and needlessly repeating the useless, pedantic and now seemingly daily talking points of the Liberals and their whiny leader, even while our Prime Minister is busy advancing our nation and its interests abroad with grownups (or at least with President Obama, Hugo Chavez, Muammar Gaddafi, and grownups) at a couple of the world’s most important summits and meetings.

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The CBC is feigning confusion over “news”.  They’re so in love with liberals and the left and far left that they don’t even pretend to hide the fact that they’re presenting as “news”, nothing more than the base political meanderings of a petulant and self-aggrandizing child leader who is trying to advance himself and his political grasp for power.  To anyone with an ounce of objectivity, he’s clearly seeking attention by any means possible, while his political nemesis is away, doing actual work, advancing Canada in the big leagues.  Or worse (and this is my contention), they do know. 

And those of us in the sane set know it’s laughable, even if it’s nervous laughter, because we also know it’s being done with the aid and comfort of the taxpayer-funded state-owned news media.  Or what I often call the liberals’ CBC division.  And therein lies the hypocrisy ingrained in this hideous bunk.  Here’s the Liberal leader whining that taxpayer cash is being spent ostensibly promoting Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, while the left-wing liberal-left-loving socialism-reliant CBC is advocating social and economic and political liberalism, doing the bidding for the liberal-left, and in this case the Liberal Party, all day long —at taxpayer expense

Ignatieff laughably complains that more is being spent by the government promoting the “stimulus” package, than on the swine flu.  He leaves out that still more —many times more—is being spent on the propaganda media —every week.  The CBC gets over a imageBILLION dollars per year from taxpayers, and much of it is devoted to advancing all liberal-left or “progressive” thought, and bashing any conservative thought or notion or idea or policy or politician. Which is why the CBC banner at left is utterly redundant.

The CBC pretends every time Liberal Leader (or any “progressive” leftist) opens his mouth, for any reason whatsoever, it’s “news”, and must be broadcast for the nation, unimpeded by any critical analysis.  In fact it should apparently be not merely “unimpeded”, but further explained, the message refined, and further promoted throughout the day.  You can’t BUY political advertising this good.  Even if they could afford it (which, not to be too circular, they don’t need to be able).

And need I state the obvious?  I don’t recall any Conservatives ever questioning the rampant partisan “government” advertising of the various Liberal and you’ve got to be kidding party governments when they constantly did just what the Liberals are accusing the Conservatives of doing now.  And even if they did, I’m pretty sure the media’s paid pundits would call Harper “petulant” for doing so. Nah!  Impossible!  Right Paul Wells and Don Martin and all the media which toed that line for months on end for what —wearing a sweater or something?

It’s not “news” just because a Liberal is childishly and petulantly bashing a conservative. If anything, the “news” here is that the Liberal leader is a petulant whiner who is again looking for attention not unlike a baby dressed in a pantwaist.  It would be news that the state-owned, left-wing CBC is again appeasing the political whims and advancing the talking points of their leader at taxpayer expense, but news has to be fresh, otherwise it’s history.

This blog entry follows up nicely on this one about yesterday’s Liberal Whine:
UPDATED:  Prediction: no CBC counter view to leftists’ charges this morning


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