In “Burka banning” story, CBC comes out of hiding; opposes moderate Muslim position

imageTarek Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress gave sound, logical, arguments this morning for his position in support of federal legislation against extremist Islamists forcing their property to wear those identity-hiding extremist Islamist body bags that they wear.  “Tents” or “contraptions” (as Fatah described them) which thus hide their identity, and present a security problem among several other obvious and obviously negative things. 

As is painfully obvious to all normal Canadians, hiding things like identities is unacceptable and totally intolerable. It’s un-Canadian.  Full stop.

But not to the CBC. Not when it’s Muslims. Muslims are multicultural!  And moreover, they’re not Christians!  Opposing the burka is intolerance.  And racist.  And “Islamophobic”, if I understand correctly.

The CBC’s so-called “Newsworld” anchor Suhana Meharchand started out by telling Fatah “I kinda take offense to you tellin’ me what I can and cannot wear”.  He reminded her that if she showed up at the CBC for a job interview wearing one of those (what I call) body bags, she wouldn’t get the job (he left out, “and we’d all be better off for it”).  And he added that she’d then be forced to depend on her husband or her father or brother’s income and that this was the most insidious way of putting women in their place. 

As it is, as a CBC employee, she’s fully dependent on her maternal nanny-state and its giant left teat. But she likes it that way. 

imageCoincidentally, the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC hides its own identity (very poorly) as a far-left social, economic and cultural propaganda machine, under its own body bag disguise.  They walk around wearing this “fair and balanced” cover, also now popularly called a “public option” (—wink!) by Barack Obama, which they say “gives Canadians a choice” (they hide the fact that it’s a Marxist choice, and one which helps force the Canadian citizen-owned competition into bankruptcy, or at best, constant grovelling and compromises and appeasements of governments). 

And so the CBC disagreed very forcefully this morning with Fatah.  Note that they disagreed, although this is the ever so balanced network which “doesn’t take sides” on any issues, such as the war on terror in Afghanistan, and therefore calls the war on terror the “so-called war on terror”, or better yet, “George Bush’s ‘so-called’ war on terror”.  See?  No sides!  And they call the terrorist enemy “militants”.  And unlike Fox News Channel which properly identifies them as “homicide bombers”, the CBC insists on “suicide bombers”. 

You rarely hear such a lively argument from the normally boring as possible Canadian news media as the one put up against Fatah by the CBC’s “Newsworld” anchor Suhana Meharchand.  They usually reserve this kind of counterattack against their monthly conservative guest, or against a Christian who is promoting the unbanning of singing Christmas songs in schools again, or the unbanning of the display of a creche on state-owned property again (not the state-owned CBC property, silly —they don’t take sides!  Not even Canada’s!).  Meharchand vigorously argued against Fatah by pulling out her best arguments.  Like her argument comparing those extremist Islamists who “choose” to wear their body bag despite what the Grand Imam says (he says don’t wear that stupid thing) …to Catholic women who use birth control in spite of the Pope.  “Is she a bad Catholic if she does?!” she demanded of Fatah.  So:  extremist Islamofascist nutbars …and Catholic girls = a perfect comparison. 

To complete idiots.

And to liberal-left fundamentalists who constantly strive for ridiculous moral equivalents and the nobody’s right, it’s just a matter of opinion and what you believe in… claptrap religion taught by the progressives at the nearest church of liberalism mosque.

Since it’s about hiding identities, Fatah brought up the story of the Muslim woman who robbed a bank in Mississauga wearing a burka, and the fact that to avoid “race” issues and to be politically correct, the CBC and other so-called “mainstream media” (they’re not mainstream at all) didn’t even cover it, to which Meharchand excused herself and her “we don’t take sides” network by sniffing, “well, we don’t usually cover bank robberies”


It’s certainly true that the CBC doesn’t cover bank robberies when they’re committed by someone wearing a burka.  But what if they were dressed like a Catholic Priest?  Wall-to-wall coverage with interviews of guest experts from Huffington Post and Daily Kos, and possibly a reliably left-wing atheist sociology professor from a state-owned university in Ontario (preferably one of the ones which bans pro-life groups).  Supplemented by a 5-part series called “Christians Are Bad?” (with a question mark —wink!) on the CBC’s “The Passionate Eye”.

It’s all about being hidden.  Ironically, what a revealing display.

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