OOPS! CBC says Great Depression caused by “government putting through too many rules & regulations”

imageCaused by “the government”?  And their putting through “too many rules and regulations”?  Hey Fred!  That ain’t liberal!

Possible job opening at CBC!  Apply therein!

It’s true.  I heard it.  CBC’s Fred Langan, the front man of their oxymoronic (with an emphasis on moronic) business news department, said it.  Today.  In Canada.  No really.  Now mind you he said it on the socialism-reliant, state-owned media, the CBC, which is protected and nurtured and is staffed by and is left-teat-fed by massive nanny-state governments and their stacks of protective anti-free-market and anti-capitalist rules and regulations, and of course billions of tax dollars.  And it competes against citizen-owned media.  Awwwwkwaaaard! 

“…The crash of 1929 was one of the great —not ‘great’ but it was called The Great Crash because it was one of the historical moments of the 20th century.  And a lot of people think that it caused the Great Depression but it actually marks the Great Depression.  When the Great Depression started after it, it’s thought that politicians actually started the Great Depression by putting through too many rules and regulations…”

—CBC’s Fred Langan

Surely he meant it was caused by a lack of nanny-state government intervention and their incessant meddling in the free, capitalist markets, and their lack of pernicious and growing layers of rules regulations, as the Liberals and the socialist you’ve got to be kidding party tell us are so vital for our lives.

Or Langan is vying for a job at the Fox Business Network, or something.


USA Today picked up a link to my blog entry this morning.  Snarf.


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