And more on that confusion between people and ideas…. REBRANDING CRAP; (hint: it’s still crap!)

imageMuch talk — no hang on let me start again:  Nobody’s talking about the state-owned, socialism-reliant and massive failure, the CBC and its change of name from the “news channel” failure they called “Newsworld”, to “CBC News Network”.  Rational folks are mocking it as a blatant and latent and very ill-conceived and ill-considered and clearly costly (at taxpayer expense, but don’t worry, the timing’s just perfect!) nod to the far superior American liberal (but less liberal) media brethren at CNN.  CBCNN?  See?  They even have a new Euro-disco beat in the background to be even groovier and trendier than they were before.  Watch CBCNN for coverage of Obama’s night out with Michelle! Friday!  You’re in the Canadian situation room.

And then as if on cue, we see this headline yesterday and today, as if perfectly timed to betray CBC’s ingenious marketers as the overpaid buffoons they are: CNN Drops to Last Place Among Cable News Networks (the article barely mentions that Fox News Channel is the clear leader, and has been for a long time, and they “blame” Fox’s leadership numbers on their being mostly “opinion” rather than news (hey!  Just like Obama and his team!), leaving out the fact that it’s actually the fact that they allow conservatives to say things and ask tough questions).

image Obviously the CBC socialist network (hey that would be a better name: CBCSN—and “early learning”  —wink!) would do better to follow the example of the far superior and viewership leader-by-a-mile, Fox News Channel, and put some conservatives on the air.  Yes I note that CTV recently changed their news channel’s name from “NewsNet” to “CTV News Channel”, but they forgot that last bit about the conservatives, and like the CBC, refuse to learn by example, no doubt because they’re so stuck in their liberal-left fundamentalist ideology, and their agenda-driving ways.  They could learn a thing or two about being “rogue” from the newest best-selling author, Sarah Palin.

And then instead of just the changing the color of their pink lipstick, they need to make the real changes and emulate the successful Fox News Channel:  Ask some tough questions about the liberal-left, secular-progressive group-think;  Don’t be Obama-butt-kissers and liberal ideology sycophants;  Acknowledge that America isn’t actually evil;  Acknowledge that capitalism isn’t actually evil, and that it works and is the proven winner;  Acknowledge the real, good values of traditional Canadians, and that believing in traditional marriage and being pro-life doesn’t make you a homophobe or a moron;  And acknowledge that Christians aren’t idiots, and they aren’t actually the same as Islamofascist terrorists**.  And do take sides (ours).  And call them “homocide bombers” instead of “suicide bombers”;  And stop calling it the “so-called” war on terror.

That’s obviously what people actually want.  But whatever.  It’s just our tax dollars at work.

imageAnd then there’s the hilarious (while also being insulting) attempt by the liberal Democrats in the U.S. as they try yet again to resuscitate their unpopular and increasingly ridiculous government-run “health care” plan (or non-plan), in which the public option is so out of favor among the populace, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) decided yesterday to simply change the name ….to “consumer option”.

Oh go ahead and laugh now.  Or send condolences to your Democrat friends and family because it is also really kind of sad.

Another liberal Democrat Congressman snake oil pitchman is test-marketing “competitive option”, as her chosen head-fake.  Because the folks —they’re so, so dumb.  Perhaps the folks lack the modern-day state-run “early learning” or state-run whole-day kindergarten that the libs are always on about.

Of course as those of us in the smart set know, the neo-socialist know-it-alls are employing some good old-fashioned tricks to sucker the folks, believing the folks to be total idiots.  And of course it’s exactly how they think, isn’t it?  The government knows best… they are smarter than you…. you can’t be trusted…  beer and popcorn…

Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC show called Hardball, on Thursday, October 22, 2009:

“The group in this country that most resembles the Taliban, ironically, is the Religious Right.”

Nutbar leftist Rosie O’Donnell said something very similar on “The View” one day.

(Hey I wonder if Shaw will make those channels “opt-in” channels!  OK I’ve stopped wondering!)

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