CBC plays POLITICS: calls Prime Minister’s diplomatic effort abroad “POLITICS”

I’ll show you a “politics” story:  The CBC.  There.  That’s it.  The “politics” story of the last several decades.  Pure (or rather impure?), crass, left-wing, agenda-driving politics.  Just how it is that we as a nation allow the government to compete against its own citizens and own and run and fund with taxpayer dollars a left-wing agenda-driving “news” media:  that’s politics.  It’s the “Politics” story all the media is missing, on purpose. There’s your hot tip on a real “politics” story, CBC and the rest of you.  (Oh I know —much too ironic on so many levels).

When the brilliants at the CBC call a story about international affairs and diplomacy at the very highest level simply “POLITICS”, exactly in line and in the same category as Liberal Party leader (?) Michael Ignatieff’s political hideousness du jour (his backroom reshuffling of yes-men); and in exactly the same space as the story of the you’ve got to be kidding party’s alleged involvement in a pure (no, impure), crass, political protest which was drummed-up by radical leftists (Marxists?) to support their party’s impure, crass politics, which actually became (was designed to become?) a near-riot in the house of Commons on Monday, you know the CBC is playing politics. 

Courtesy of the CBC and your tax dollars

Ignatieff hiring the media/pollster as his chief of staff, and the NDP allegedly involved in a quasi seditious act… and Prime Minister Harper visiting China and India for high level global diplomacy… oh those crazy politicians are all up to their old shenanigans again!

I wrote about the Liberals’ hideous politics earlier today.  This one other POLITICS story at the CBC about the aforementioned left-wing nutbar protester who claims injury after causing a near-riot in the House of Commons (oh boo-hoo-hoo):

…Questions have also been raised about the spontaneity of the protest and about the involvement of the NDP.

An NDP MP arranged passes for the protesters into the public gallery. The protesters also met with NDP leader Jack Layton, in a large room booked by the NDP, before the protest.

“I charge the member for Toronto Danforth [Layton’s riding] with contempt for his involvement in this incident,” Tory House Leader Jay Hill said in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

“It’s now become quite clear that the people who disrupted the proceedings of this house were guests of the leader of the NDP.”

One protester, Joe Cressy, belongs to NDP MP Paul Dewar’s riding association and is Dewar’s volunteer political events co-ordinator.

Another protester was Mike Hudema, a former Alberta provincial NDP candidate who now works for Greenpeace. …

CBC story on CBC.ca

So a simple glance at the CBC web site turns out to be a graphic example of pure (no, impure) left-wing politics in action.  Conservatives in government doing good, positive things for our country as they should; and the left and extreme left-wing parties doing hideous and quasi seditious things: same thing!

You’re welcome, CBC.  Hope you find that “balance” soon!

For their part, the like-minded CTV does precisely the same, as if in editorial lockstep, missing that whole story about the fact that in a free and democratic country, state-run and state-owned media should be banned, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution. And you’re welcome for that tip, for the 8,000th time, CTV.


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