CBC’s extreme leftist readers already licking chops over death of Nat’l Post (it’s not state owned!)

They’re all in a state of perfunctory delight, even before the death sentence is announced, and may not be in the end.  But one CBC web site reader, “vangrungy”, said it right, in this rare lucid thought amongst the plethora of left-wing CBC commenting hysteria:  “Flocking lefties are descending on a safe thread…”.  Three other readers wrote sane things too.  Leftists like nothing more than to be part of the goose-stepping flock, where they can say things with the assurance that most everybody in the room agrees with them. 

They all miss the dark, sad irony that they’re ever so safely writing their cowardly, left-wing drivel on a state-owned, taxpayer-funded left-wing media tool that competes against the privately-owned and now facing bankruptcy National Post.  Using the state tool which is competing for readers, commenters, buyers, and advertisers. Or they blithely ignore that fact on purpose.  Perfunctory, as I said.  And it stinks to high heaven.

Many of the CBC readers appear to me to be book-burners of the extreme, sometimes apparently Marxist and fascist hard left.  They seem to think the National Post—or any other conservative tolerant media — should not exist.  And by the way, conservative tolerant is as far “right” as it went at the NatPo, and I’ve derided them here, constantly, for their liberal stances on many things, not the least of which was their insufferable love affair for their man, Barack Obama (and their baseless derision of Ann Coulter).  But the leftist cabal at the CBC honestly seem to think that any newspaper or media image that isn’t state-owned and promoting socialism is ipso facto “right-wing”, or “conservative” or “Harper’s mouthpiece”, or other examples of their shear idiocy and lack of intellect and political sophistication.  Media that doesn’t precisely fit their mold — that is media that isn’t overtly socialist, Marxist, or at least far left-wing should, it seems, be banned, or at least they desperately wish for their demise. 

And suddenly, now with this news, all that cheap talk about those jobs that they usually and oh, ever so earnestly and loudly lament being lost (particularly all those union jobs which are so much a part of their “working family” claptrap) don’t matter.  Suddenly freedom of speech doesn’t matter.  Suddenly inclusiveness and diversity doesn’t matter.  Suddenly democracy doesn’t matter.  And suddenly, any talk of “bailouts” and other government financial supports, à la the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC media, is utterly shunned and mocked, in this one particular case.

Also note, as I paste a few examples below, that correct spelling and grammar and punctuation and even lucid writing skills actually do still matter in this world, and I find the vast majority of CBC readers are bereft of those skills. Apparently, not only are these goose-steppers hooked by the state-owned left-wing brain-numbing media, they are products of the state-owned, public schools as well.

Eliezer wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 6:28 PM ET
Corporate “News” papers, including the “National Post,” are out-of-touch with the Canadian public. Too much Corporate propaganda, editorializing & selective editing under the guise & pretense of reporting the “news.”  …

PaulRStJohn’s wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 6:17 PM ET
It will be a good day when I see the last issue of that corporatist rag. All it ever was was a rah-rah for the wealthy and powerful.

AlexTrebaked wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 5:43 PM ET
Just one less Zionist extremist rag.  CanWest is owned by the Asper family, admittedly pro-Israel and so, by definition, Zionist in terms of its political perspective.  … 

**mgcatfish wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 4:15 PM ET
It’s about time this stupid fascist rag went under. Here’s hoping nobody saves it.

MarEng67 wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 2:27 PM ET
Most people don’t buy it since most people don’t favour right wing politics.
Let it die.
Best for everyone.
And for Canada.

lowandtotheleft wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 3:42 PM ET
GOOD another dirty right wing propaganda paper gone and I agree let’s get rid of the SUN while we are at it…

**Apparently “mgcatfish” has a brain about the size of a cat fish, since the only historic examples of “fascism” in modern times were Hitler and Mussolini, both ardent socialists; and that of several contemporary liberals and socialists in America and Canada.  (And writing that in a taxpayer-funded, state-owned media web site is of course, at best, ironic.)

And here’s one that makes you go “huh?”

keithkcummings wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 3:42 PM ET
good riddence to old trash. Nice to see Canadians shutting down such a huge right-wing American propaganda machine.

And of course the CBC has way more than its fair share of the truly stupid and utterly incomprehensible nutbars who don’t know right from left and there from their (or are from our…): 

void1962 wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 5:44 PM ET
Death to the jobs of these 6 figure hacks , who shovel this world economy drivel down are throats by way of there right wing agenda
Go get a real job
Good Bye

And there are the stupid who completely miss the irony of their utter stupidity and ignorance:

hbtharle wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 5:12 PM ET
We don’t need any paper that cannot pay its own way, do we? Funny how conservatives are always talking about letting market forces decide but are the first to look for protection when they are in trouble. I hope the government lets the market decide.

“Let the market decide”?  Oh really?  Are you sure, CBC viewer (and one of the very few)?  Do I really need to post another Top-20 ratings chart showing that the CBC is an abysmal failure at attracting the interest of Canadians despite countless tens of BILLIONS in taxpayer subsidies?  No.  No I don’t.

And here’s one that literally makes you want to yell, “Right back atcha, CBC supporter!”

man4change wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29at 3:36 PM ET
It’s not surprising the National Post has lost so much revenue. This paper is nothing more than a conservative propaganda flyer. Why don’t the Tories finance the National Post with their own party funds?

More things that make you go “huh?”  And/or more of that “if it ain’t socialist state-owned media, it’s therefore ‘right wing’”:

alchemy wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 3:33 PM ET
…Can you name one newspaper or news outlet that is not right wing in this country?
Thank god for the CBC and Toronto Star….

(And to answer his idiotic question:  Yes.  Yes I can name perhaps one.  Or maybe three dozen.  Maybe he’s trying to be sarcastic?)

“PeterPumkinhead” is actually a dunderhead.  Here he displays his abject lack of perspective, his abject distaste for different perspectives, his abject hate for freedom of speech and diversity of opinion, and oh, so much more:

PeterPumpkinhead wrote:
Posted 2009/10/29 at 3:30 PM ET
Leonard Asper made this paper the Con rag that it is. His dad (Izzy) would have been rolling in his grave at how far right Lenny has taken his business.
Shame on you Leonard for the destruction of Canwest and shame on you for the damage you’ve done to this country by waging your war against the free press and against Canadian centre-left values.

Personally, I do hope for the demise of the CBC, and not just because they’re overtly left-wing and anti-conservative.  (You will notice I’ve never demanded they simply hire conservatives).  It’s because as I think I’ve said before, state-owned and state-run media should be banned in this and every country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution. 

And as I constantly question, what kind of government competes against its own citizens in business for profits, and in the arena of ideas and politics?  And did the National Post need this competition from the state?  I really doubt it. But the CBC has helped breed readers who do think so. On your dime.

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