A model of… something: CBC strikes a pose

I knew the state-owned Canadian socialism-reliant CBC’s decision to pretend they’re CNN “Canada” and try to mimic Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s “The Situation Room”, by making all their modelsoopsieclericsoopsienews anchors stand up to deliver the news…. would cause acid reflux sooner or later. 

Sooner!  It’s the hand on the hip pose!  Adorable! 

Can you imagine striking a pose like this as a serious newscaster or anchor, as you get ready for the live shot coming back from commercial? 


This reminds me of how the gal on CTV’s intolerably stupid fawn over the Hollywood liberals show, “eTalk Canada”, Tanya Kim, used to stand as she delivered her “news”. Or how the co-host of MTV Canada’s “The After Show” and its various incarnations including “The Hills: The After Show”, Jessica Shaia “Jessi” Cruickshank, posed for her “news”.  So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see that same look on CNN Canada as they trot out liberal after liberal, and fawn over them.

image image

(But at least I learned something from those two e-shows.)

You’re in the situation room.

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