The left loves to hate

Speaking of the hateful, intolerant left hating Sarah Palin… well we weren’t, at least not today, but we ought to because it speaks to the incredibly hateful and abject anti-conservative bias (hate?), now practically worn as a badge of honor by the lamestream media.  And since quite a few people read and watch the news, that untold, unmentioned story is actually newsworthy, folks! 

But anyhoo.

I liked this part of this morning’s Glenn Beck newsletter and his description of this morning’s radio show, especially because they (Glenn and his guest, our Ann Coulter …watch for her weekly PTBC column later today…) naturally talked about the (other) woman the lame-stream media loves to hate with a passion normally reserved for Hitler, or when they’re straining to refuse to say the word “Christmas” when describing that time of year.  Naturally I’m talking about Sarah Palin.

Ann Coulter stopped by to chat with Glenn about the issues of the day. What does Ann think about all the madness going on with the spending in Washington? And how does she feel about the Republicans in power now? The woman the left loves to hate, interviewed by the host the left loves to hate. It’s hate radio at its best.

… and I liked this part of the transcript for its bang-oniness:

BECK:  …But I remember when I was over at CNN and I asked one of the writers, can you write a tribute to Ronald Reagan. Well, this was a flaming liberal and worked their heart out trying to get it right. I read it and it was ridiculous. They had no idea. And they really tried and they were like, huh, huh? It’s good, right? It works? They had no clue as to why people…

COULTER: That’s probably why they submit it to the New York Times for their obituary because that obituary had no clue. … I thought a guy named Iran Contra had died. ….

—Read the transcript here at


AP Turns Heads for Devoting 11 Reporters to Palin Book ‘Fact Check’

…When the former Republican vice presidential candidate and former Alaska governor wrote her autobiography, the AP found a copy before its release date and assigned 11 people to fact check all 432 pages.

… Palin quickly hit back on a Facebook post titled “Really? Still Making Things Up?”

“Imagine that,” the post read. “11 AP reporters dedicating time and resources to tearing up the book, instead of using the time and resources to ‘fact check’ what’s going on with Sheik Mohammed’s trial, Pelosi’s health care takeover costs, Hasan’s associations, etc. Amazing.”

…Reviewing books and holding public figures accountable is at the core of good journalism, but the treatment Palin’s book received appears to be something new for the AP. The organization did not review for accuracy recent books by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, then-Sen. Joe Biden, either book by Barack Obama released before he was president or autobiographies by Bill or Hillary Clinton. The AP did more traditional news stories on those books. …

Hey here’s a link!

And here’s some EXTRA EXTRA linked news:


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OOOOOOOOOPSY! I’m thinking this was no Freudian slip on the part of the CBC. Their dislike of all things American, change that to all things representing conservative and family values led them to this ahem, slip.

CBC accidentally uses anti-Palin book during ‘The National’

TORONTO — The CBC has admitted it inadvertently displayed the jacket of an anti-Sarah Palin book during a story about the former vice-presidential candidate that aired on “The National.”

The gaffe came Monday night during a piece on Palin’s hotly anticipated new memoir “Going Rogue: An American Life.”

A CBC spokesman confirmed that the network mistakenly put up a graphic depicting the cover of “Going Rouge: Sarah Palin An American Nightmare.”

The cover of the latter book, compiled by Richard Kim and Betsy Reed, senior editors at the left-leaning The Nation magazine, bears a striking resemblance to Palin’s.

Both books are hitting store shelves today.

CBC spokesman Jeff Keay says the mistake was fixed in a subsequent broadcast. 

……. between that and the AP using 11 fact checkers to scrutinize Going Rogue [see above] and the fact that President Bam Bam says he “probably” won’t read it makes you and I and most logical, clear thinking, conservative-type people realize just how scared they really are of Sarah Palin. They already fear her, the Tea Party movement, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity…the list goes on and on.

By the way, I’m on pg 88 of her book. Got a few strange looks in the Chapters checkout line when I bought it yesterday. Maybe people thought I should be reading the Communist Manifesto aka “Just Watch Me”, another tired biography of Pierre Trudeau that was on their bestseller shelf.



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