Steven Crowder does Guantanamo Bay

imageThis latest Steven Crowder flick —since it is in filmed in Cuba— instantly reminded me of an interview I saw on Canada’s similarly Cuban-like, state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC this morning.  It was between the state news anchor Suhana Meharchand and one of those CBC guest experts, this one named Payam Akhavan.  And by golly, he was a university professor!  How shocking.  As I keep saying, the Canadian liberal-left’s news media constantly book university professors as guest experts on every topic, because, I think, they are reliably socialist or full-on Marxist in their world view.  Viva Guevara!  The good professor was talking about how Gitmo is:  OH.  SO.  BAD.  And, ever so sadly for him, Gitmo has caused the U.S. some real bad point-scoring from the French and Russian skating judges and leftist bloggers around the world, which is, um, bad, or something, for some reason.

Well Meharchand thought that opinion was: JUST.  SO.  SPOT.  ON.  She couldn’t have cut in and publicly agreed any more emphatically with the hackneyed left-wing political opinion about Gitmo of that professor, even if someone had stuck a chipotle pepper under her state-paid arse. 

Professor Akhavan: “… We know from the case of Guantanamo Bay the tremendous damage that did to the legitimacy of the United States!….”

State news anchor Meharchand: [Cutting in]  “Oh ABSOLUTELY!!!”

She attacked the word “absolutely” with picante vigor, like a bite out of a good hot burrito.  She said it with a force so strong that it caused my sleeping puppy Samra to awaken out of her deep puppy sleep under my privately-owned PTBC desk.  We both thought maybe we accidentally switched the TV to the channel or one of Hugo Chavez’s new TV channels.

Anyway, I digress.  Here’s Crowder at Gitmo.

It also reminded me of this Cuba-related video I made back in 2005 (before making videos was OH. SO. COOL.), though this vid has hardly anything to do with anything here.

Tacos tonight!

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