State-owned CBC deploys official state clowns to smear Sarah Palin …at your taxpayer expense

imageThe state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC’s state entertainers have been deployed to America (on our dime) to try to help slay their newest American non-socialist nemesis, Sarah Palin. Since it was done for the CBC, we are apparently to understand that this is a core function of government

Golly it’s shocking that we’re in such debt.

That’s what helps makes them — the CBC and its socialist followers — the (very bad, very expensive) joke, in actual fact. But sadly, it similarly helps make our country look like a joke, and that isn’t funny in the least.  But I digress.

To them, this time the supposed “joke” (and it’s only funny to socialists and total idiots) is that in answer to Canada’s State Clown Mary Walsh (see my blog write-up about one of her previous exploits) badgering Palin on her book tour, yelling potshots, and trying to get a “gotcha moment” at taxpayer expense for the amusement of socialist zealots and other CBC fans about Canada’s government-run healthcare system, Palin shot back with the (spot-on) suggestion that Canada dismantle its state-owned, state-run government healthcare system. 

“Canada needs to dismantle its public health-care system and allow private enterprise to get involved and turn a profit.”
—Sarah Palin to the Canadian state-paid clown this week

Socialists treat the answer itself as if it’s funny.  A self-evident joke.  A veritable laughing point.  And as usual present it as though everyone in the room agrees with them.

“In addition to those comments, Walsh said, she found it equally bizarre that no one was allowed to ask Palin any questions at the book-signing.”
—The appeasing news reporter — and apparently a private sector clown to be used by the Canada’s socialism-reliant media, the CBC — Lee-Anne Goodman of the Canadian Press in reporting on the “equally bizarre” notion that Canada dismantle its decrepit North Koren-style healthcare system.

And therefore the joke is of course on them

The “news” web site joins in on the character-smearing fun with their front page reporting (see above left), which also milks it as much as they can by featuring a photo montage of Sarah Palin, and, from what I could tell, an online place of HATE, imagewhere all the left-wing like-minded Sarah Palin haters can freely demonstrate more of that famous liberal-left “tolerance”, and swing bats at the evil Sarah Palin, conservative mother. 

Palin is of course absolutely right on about our North Korean-style healthcare system.  It should be entirely dismantled.  And so in a subsequent blog entry, I will award her the sadly inconsequential and uncelebrated PTBC Quote Of The Week Award.  And clowns Lee-Anne Goodman (private sector but appeasing to the socialists) and Mary Walsh (socialist state clown) will share the PTBC Unwittingly Comedic Quote Of The Week Award.  And I do mean share it.  Like good socialists.

Meanwhile, and hilariously, as if to show how off-base the socialists at the CBC are, what with their slate of official state clowns and other taxpayer-paid useful idiots spending our taxpayer cash to comedically masturbate themselves and their socialist sycophantic followers, over at the CTV today they are featuring results of a poll taken among Canadians this week:


Palin sounds like exactly our kind of gal.

Hat tip to Jean B.

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