CBC responds to lack of ClimateGate coverage with arrogant, utterly dismissive email to PTBC reader

One of our readers wrote to the state-owned and socialism-reliant CBC asking them why they were so hesitant to cover one of the biggest and most important stories of the decade.  Let me add — and this is a little beside the point but important — it’s actually two stories:  the story about the “man-made global warming”-related emails that came to light thanks to concerned folks who saw what they think is a huge fraud in the making, for which we should all be thankful, and which speaks to the possibility of a fraud of massive proportion on a global scale, and which we now call “ClimateGate”;  And secondly, the liberal-leftist media cover-up of that story, which is perhaps as big and important a story.

Why, our reader asked, didn’t the CBC cover the story right away —on a timely basis— you know, sort of like “news”?  Like a “news” outfit would? 

Well, apparently our reader is suffering from some sort of mental derangement.  He is deluded. Not thinkin’ like a liberal.  CBC: Possibly a Christian, or at least a racist!  To wit, this answer from Esther Enkin, Executive Editor, CBC News, Box 500, Station “A”, Toronto, Ontario, M5W 1E6:


…With the clearer vision afforded by hindsight, we should have noticed the story and picked it up sooner than we did, but its absence is certainly not evidence of partisanship

And that’s utterly preposterous.  Of course that’s nothing but self-serving piffle; and overtly defensive of what is their increasingly obvious agenda.  Or to put it another way, it’s like watching the CBC news itself.  Which is why I constantly remind you that watching the CBC actually makes you stupider by the minute. 

In fact, as the self-esteemed Esther Enkin said, and as I mentioned here before, the CBC did write it up.  It was laughably biased.  Their headline was:  image“Hackers skewed climate-change emails: scientists”.  Seriously.  I am not making this up.  I included the screen-capture just so you’d believe me.  Their story was an exercise in defending the “man-made global warming” mantra once again — a rather hilariously defensive story protecting the “scientists” allegedly involved in the fraud, and practically mocking the alleged “hackers” who exposed the apparent fraudsters.  The headline says it all. It’s dangerously terrible journalism, at best. 

We are to understand that the mere fact that the CBC didn’t cover the story — which is what we call misinformation through an omission of facts — until their hideous, glaring lack of coverage and apparent effort to bury it or cover it up completely, literally became another story in and of itself, and was itself talked about in the blogosphere and at responsible news outfits like the Wall Street Journal and Fox News Channel —had nothing to do with “partisanship”, as our ever so stupid reader claims, see? 

Of course this is contemptible and would make any normal stomach turn. They go on though, as if the purpose has now turned to actually making our reader sick, and thereby putting an end to his incessant email complaints to the grand purveyor of truth, the CBC. 

…As you might expect, CBC News editors are faced daily with choosing – from among the thousands available in Canada and around the world – the few dozen stories that they feel are the most significant and will be of the greatest interest to Canadians. It is a decision made all the more difficult by the limited resources and time available in our news programs and our Internet pages. Of course, we cannot include all, or even many, of the stories taking place around the country and the world, but thank you for drawing this one to our attention. We will continue to follow it.

Thank you again for your e-mail.

Cue the violins.  And the “artists” and their demands for more funding. 

As per usual, the answer from the CBC displays its infamous dismissive, arrogant and cavalier attitude, wherein the writer is supposed to be left thinking and feeling as if the grand CBC cannot possibly do wrong, and that it’s simply a matter of how you see things versus how we see things (oh and a lack of funding), and so no it doesn’t speak to a bias of any kind, except your own, Jack.  It it merely you and your lack of our high level of brain power that forces you to see things so stupidly, or to put it in terms that even you could possibly understand, citizen: you see things in a way that isn’t like our way, and therefore you’re wrong, and we’re right!  And if only you saw things our way, you’d feel much better about yourself and you’d be more open-minded and tolerant and in essence, you’d be thinkin’ like a good politically-correct liberal.  But we do appreciate your email, and thank you for communicating with us!  Merci!  Don’t forget to tune into Little Mosque On The Prairie, Monday thru Sunday (but especially on Sunday)!  And don’t miss our 879th rebroadcast of, well, any one of Michael Moore’s fact-laden documentaries on our hard-news channel!  À Bientôt!

See: http://www.proudtobecanadian.ca/index/category/climategate/  — which began on November 20.  Not November 26, reluctantly.


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