CBC shuns ClimateGate, but whatdoyaknow, is showing Al Gore’s “documentary” -on their “news” channel


From: Jean B
Sent: Friday, December 04, 2009 3:40 PM
To: ProudToBeCanadian.ca
Subject: Oh no, not again.

Hi Joel,

I am fairly sure I heard out of the corner of my ear that CBC is going to be running Gore’s global warming film again,  to scare all the little kiddies and even some of us grown ups.  He must be raking in the cash.  CBC simply has no shame and will never give up their agenda.


Hey Jean!

Yes it’s true.  It’s naturally going to be shown on their “PASSIONATE EYE” series.  And this time I’m not just joking like I usually am about the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC constantly showing Michael Moore’s so-called “documentaries” and Al Gore’s so-called “documentary” on their so-called “news” channel, and usually on “The Passionate Eye”. 

By shear coinkidink, it’s being broadcast almost as if it’s their answer to all that talk of ClimateGate —that science and media (alleged!) fraud and cover-up scandal.  And it’s on the eve of the Copencrappin’ summit too!  How fortuitous!

Yes, as if to prove that Gore’s “documentary” is all “facts” and stuff, they’re broadcasting it on the CBC’s “news” channel.  Yes, the “news” channel, which should never be confused as a state-owned, taxpayer-funded propaganda and agenda-driving machine of the far left, which spends our taxpayer cash pushing an increasingly discredited left-wing political, social, and economic agenda, of course.  Rather, as a good “progressive” Canadian, you should see it as just news: facts —and all the facts of course, all the time.  Fairly presented too!  …mmmmBut not ever including any facts about the ClimateGate science fraud that is occurring today (or, you know, what they will call the “so-called” fraud just as they call the war on terror the “so-called” war on terror, just as soon as they start reporting on it at all in even a half-honest manner, which I don’t expect them to do anytime soon). 

In their promo/blurb about it on their web site division, the CBC acknowledge that by golly, it just happens their big presentation “also coincides with the release of Al Gore’s latest book Our Choice: Creating a Green Future.”

Well hell’s bells. 

Meanwhile, a couple of Academy Award-winners from days gone by are demanding that “The Academy” (all hail OSCAR!) revoke Al Gore’s ridiculous shiny trinket —his “Oscar” (“Take back Al Gore’s Oscar, 2 Academy members demand in light of Climategate”).  This, on the basis that his so-called “documentary” was, as we in the smart ‘n common sense set always knew but which has now been proven thanks to ClimateGate and solid science besides, based on bunkum.  Which means it should never be shown anywhere as a “documentary”, and least of all on a state-owned, taxpayer-funded, “news” channel. 

But other than that, have a nice weekend!


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