CTV skids along on its colon and a “fake” story; CBC demonstrates too: it’s about ending capitalism

image How about this headline instead: 
Joel Johannesen: ‘Climate science’, pretty fake!

CTV does another one of those headlines that agenda-driving media provides its audience.  Somebody said something they really wish they could say themselves, but they can’t because they’re still operating under the pretense that they’re a fair and balanced objective “news” source instead of actually largely being another liberal-left, agenda-driving machine, replete with liberal-left-biased propagandists posing as reporters and editors.  And God knows how that photo of “a melting glacier” popped up on their story!

Once again (I mentioned this last week), they put the name of whomever is saying it, a colon, then what they said.  This, they think, gives them what they want:  their message, put out there for all to see and read; plus by quoting someone else, that plausible deniability factor, which they think passes for “journalism”.  They make out like they’ve presented hard news; facts, truth, instead of (in this case) just another news propagandist’s opinion.  See how the article actually starts —it’s a good morning laugh. 

Reporters at AP reviewed the “science” at East Anglia, by interviewing the “scientists”  — the same ones who are the behind the whole scam — and concluded they’re A-OK, Jack!

This, we are to believe, is investigative “journalism” today.  This “review” or “fact-check” by a news organization heavily invested in the very story they are “fact-checking”, coming to a hilarious conclusion based on ether.

Don’t think their “fact-checking” is tainted? (And the CTV doesn’t either?!)  This is the same “news organization” and wire service which dispatched ELEVEN REPORTERS to “fact-check” Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, but didn’t dispatch any reporters to “fact-check” any of the books recently written by a liberal-leftists or Democrats, ever.  ELEVEN REPORTERS.  To “FACT-CHECK” Sarah Palin’s book.  (And by the way, they found NOTHING to report.  NOTHING.) 

So unless the CTV reporters and editors never read the news or any blogs, and are therfore woefully ignorant, the CTV KNOWS the AP is tainted in at least this way.  Or they simply don’t care, because this is helping advance their agenda.  Or they don’t care about anything, period.  I think they are knowingly misleading you, and misinforming you.  I think they are part of a serious problem, very much linked to the whole story of the ClimateGate scandal, part of which involves a cooperative cover-up of facts. 

  I feel like I’m in a Mafia movie.  Or Nineteen Eighty Four.

For their part, the socialism-reliant, state-owned and taxpayer-funded CBC presents a news photo on their front page this morning, which ever so unwittingly exposes the real ideological force behind the “man-made global warming” charade:  “Scrap Capitalism”.  Again, like CTV using their colon, the CBC is using someone else’s words to express their innermost parts.




From: E.M.
Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2009 6:35 AM
To: proudtobecanadian.ca
Subject: about AP reviewing science

Hello Joel, I have been a professional scientist for 30 years now. I was never asked to sign a letter saying I agreed with a theory. My work was never “reviewed” by journalists.

Unlike politics, science does not value consensus. On several occasions in the past the majority was wrong. With time, the best idea wins, regardless of the initial number of its proponents. Also, to call a scientist a skeptic is a form of praise. I am proud of being one and I wonder why the climate alarmists are not.

E.M.,  BSc, PhD, MD.

Thanks, E.M. 



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