Fat cat taxpayer-funded CBC presents “news” on its left-wing “BS” channel called “CBC News Network”

Which of these screen captured-pictures — all from within a few seconds this morning from the state-owned, taxpayer-funded, socialism-reliant CBC “News” (that was a hint!) —is out of place?

image  image
image  image

Actually the answer is ALL OF THEM.  No “news” outfit should presume to call-out any specific group of people, using derogatory terms such as “fat cats”, in what is obviously their political effort to steer your opinion about a matter to suit their left-wing, corporation-hating world view. 

“Fat cats” is the CBC’s attempt to ostracize the folks who run and work at the executive level of U.S. banks, who met with President Obama today.  They gratuitously applied the term “fat cats” in an obviously tendentious, political, opinionated effort to steer your mind in one direction, which can be surmised as follows: hate corporations, hate capitalism, embrace all that is Obama.  Embrace the alternative: socialism.   

They can get away with it, they will tell you, because “Mr. Unity”, or “Professor Post-Partisan Politics”, their man Barack Obama, called them “fat cats”.  Which is worse? I’m not sure. They’re both abominable in their divisiveness.  Imagine if George Bush called the SEIU union workers “lazy socialist dogs”.  OK stop laughing now.  I imagine the CBC would do as they did with the war on terror — wherein they called it “the ‘so-called’ war on terror”, as they almost always did, or better yet, “George Bush’s ‘so-called’ war on terror”, as they also often did.  In other words, they wouldn’t buy into it and run with it like well-trained seals.  With Obama, they do.

But for the CBC to then follow it up with a whole-screen panel graphic claiming that they are about “news” —well that’s just a preposterous joke.  “News” terms don’t normally include bankers being described as “fat cats”.  That’s normally reserved for left-wing opinion and propaganda sheets, and left-wing advocacy blogs. 

Well OK so maybe it does belong on the CBC.  But they need to lose the “news” graphic panel.  Change it to “left-wing taxpayer-funded, socialism-reliant and therefore socialism-promoting FAT CAT passive-aggressive propaganda-spewing asses”.  Or just, for example, THE DAILY KOS. 

Meanwhile, on a story shortly after that about unionized flight stewards and stewardesses in the U.K. who plan to go on strike specifically during the 12 days of Christmas, the CBC refers to them as “flight crew”.  Instead of, say, “stupid asses”.  Or “jerks” who, instead of going “walking off jobs”, are actually “holding the British people hostage” using a sacred and family-oriented holiday, Christmas, “as a tool against the public” to “exercise their union power and get their way, families and the desperately struggling economy be damned”.


Just for the record, here’s the banner Fox News Channel used for that same story on what the CBC calls Obama’s meeting with “FAT CATS”.  They chose the odd words “TOP BANKERS”….



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