Anchor of CBC’s oxymoronic “Business” segment calls Can. Centre for Policy Alternatives “left-wing”!

I always call the CBC’s “News” Network’s “Business” segment “oxymoronic” (with an emphasis on “moronic”), because it clearly is.  A state-owned and state-controlled, socialism-reliant, and left-wing advocating news media outfit explaining private, free-market business to an unsuspecting public?  That’s moronic in every sense of the word. 

On top of that, the CBC’s brain trust, which, approximately 800 times per week, presents the “alternatives” advocated by the extreme left-wing “think tank” called the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (where the “alternative” is socialism, but they never tell you that) was mentioned in their business report this morning.  Those of you who aren’t high on pot are already giggling because you can see the added humor value in that.  You see it compounds the lunacy.  It’s oxymoronic, imagestacked on more oxymoronic.  It’s like a BLT only it’s all made of left-flank of pork.  On top of that, the story was about the HST.  Taxes!  So they conflate “business” news, from the CBC, with an organization that manifestly hates private business (they only like government business, which of course isn’t “business” at all), and the story is about taxes.  Ah.  This is “business” to the CBC.  And then they toast it.  Or to put it another way, it’s Monday at the CBC. 

But, and this is the good news, in his brief report this morning, anchor Fred Langan slipped these words in:  “it’s a left-wing think group”.  He also later added “This group, which would probably support the NDP in many ways…”.  Which of course makes it our taxpayer-funded entertainment you don’t say! moment of the day.  (Actually I’m not entirely sure the CCPA wouldn’t support the Communist Party of Canada “in many ways”, but anyway. Accuracy shmaccuracy!)

So mark it down!  The CBC goes normal, starting today!  Ha-ha.  More humor.  My sides are aching now with all the funny.

To top it all off like a pickle on the BLT, the report was followed by an advertiser (yes they have private businesses advertising on that state-owned, socialism-reliant, taxpayer-funded network which competes against private citizens and their broadcasting businesses).  The advertiser (or sponsor, or supporter, or co-conspirator) was imageEdward Jones —an investment firm, which ostensibly strives for and thrives in freedom rather than socialism, and a nice free-market economy, rather than socialism. 

So Edward Jones supports them and everything they stand for, and feeds still more private citizen cash into the overstuffed and growing government-owned “business” called the “government” and its Canadian Broadcasting “Corporation” (wink!) division.  That’s a sour dill pickle and in no way is it kosher!  So yeah, no, I’m so sorry, but how is it “making sense of investing” for an investment firm to support a state-owned, socialism-reliant outfit?  That’s not sensible at all.  That’s ludicrous!  That’s a terrible investment decision!  So I’ll be sure to use somebody else’s investing services, thanks. 

And of course it’s over to Fox News Channel now for relief and some sanity.

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