CBC’s Obama suckup special: “…and a right-wing radio talk show host screams his opinions at him”!

“Can Obama Save The Planet?”.  On the Passionate Eye.  The CBC.  Where else?

“Can Obama Save The Planet?”  Seriously.  They’re calling it “Can Obama Save The Planet?”  And it’s on the “news” channel. 

Dear. God.  Or maybe we should now say “Dear. Obama.” 


I bet he could if only the “right-wingers” would stop “getting in his way”.  And “screaming their opinions” at him! 

No I still say no.  I’m dubious.  I’m quite skeptical that he can “save the planet”.  Especially when you have “right-wing radio talk show hosts screaming his opinions at him”!

The CBC promotes the show with these words.


Meanwhile, without Obama’s pseudo-God-like abilities or help in any way, shape or form, Toyota has come up with an all-electric car. 

Toyota to Roll Out Plug-In Electric Car in 2011

Toyota will have plenty of competition. General Motors recently announced plans to produce up to 60,000 Chevy Volt plug-in hybrids a year beginning next year. Nissan also plans to introduce a plug-in next year while Ford and Volkswagen are also working on plug-in models.

How do they do it over there at Toyota?!  Are they run by God?  Obama?  Perhaps they have plain old right-wing folks running them, and makin’ cash!  Nah, because then THEY would be “saving the planet”, and that ain’t liberal!  And they couldn’t show that on The Passionate Eye, on the CBC “news” channel.  It has to be government—a left-wing government—saving the planet.  Are you getting this?  Because I’m thinking of starting a new show called The Sober Mind.

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